4 Types Of Domestic Sewing Machine For Household Usage

There are several ways to differentiate the household sewing machine types depending on the functionality. The machines used in domestics purposes normally tend to have more utility included. Normally there are four type of machine widely use for family purpose.

These are:

Mechanical Machine

These types of machine mostly controls by hand. It’s also called the manual machine. Basic repairs, hems, simple clothing, and crafts projects can be easily completed by this type of machine. The budget is also low for the mechanical sewing machine.

Mechanical machine

Al most every part needs to be control manually and low on practical. Though these are like heritage model, great decorative stitching can be made by manual machine. These machines are very easy to use and repair.

At the same time the durability of this machine is quite satisfactory. It does not require electricity to use thus it reduces the cost of maintenance.

Overlocker Sewing Machine

To stop ripping and to give proficient finishing, these types of sewing machines are used. Its functionality are limited and used as an extended part of sewing machine.

If you are using any ordinary machine, to finish the unstitching part so that the thread could not rip apart, you will need to cut the fabric by hand and set the machine to stitching in zigzag styles.

Overlocker Sewing Machine

It will require extra time to energy. Whereas the overlocker sewing machine will do it smoothly without costing extra time. It’s very fast in nature than a regular sewing machine for hemming and seaming.

It has a special trimming blade. This specialize machine is great for knit. You cannot stitch backwards, turn by this machine.

Computerized Sewing Machine

Its automated sewing machines and are designed with pre-program to know the exact tension, length and width dimension need for each type of stitching. It will have screen touch LED control panel. Since the stitching is almost pre-planed, this type of machine will best fit for the beginner.

Computerized Sewing Machine

Manufacturers now a day’s are designing these machines with such programming that it could even learn from the stitching pattern that you used previously in this sewing machine. Computerized machine have great features as that makes the usage more convenient and saving time. But the costs are usually a bit higher than other types.

Electric sewing machine

The main differentiate parts of electric machines is usage of a motor which controls the feed dogs and bobbin that mechanically feed material to the machine. It also controls the needles speed.

Electric sewing machine

It’s connected to the foot paddle down. To faster sew, you need to put foot harder to the paddle. Stitching in this machine will be very fast. This machine provides a great control on sewing. It is lighter and versatile in use. The spare parts and maintenance support are easy to find.

So depending on the usage functionality these four types of sewing machine are available in household usage.

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