6 Ways To Thread In A Sewing Machine Before You Ruin Your Art

When you are working on a sewing machine, it’s very important to ensure the proper usage. The art can be destroyed if any mishap happens at the time of threading. Simple mistakes can ruin the hard work even for the expert peoples in sewing.

The working designs of most of the sewing machine are same. If you want the proper stitches, before threading the machine, you need to understand the different parts and their contribution in sewing. The basic principles will be covered by the manufacturer’s user manual, even though you will find a simple guideline in bellow.

Placing Reel

You have to place the thread above the spool pin. It’s basically the stick on the top of sewing machine. While placing the reel, if it does not feet in proper way, then it’s better to use a cap over the spool so that it placed perfectly without any disturbance.

Generally the manufacturer provides this cap along with machine. But if you failed to find it, better to collect from authorized place. One more thing to remember, the thread will be released counter-clock wise.

Place The Bobbin On The Pin To Wind

Producers design sewing machine in such a way that they place the bobbin pin on top near the spool pin is located. You have to place the full threaded bobbin on that pin. Wind the bobbin according to your need. If you required more than 1 bobbin, then it’s good to complete this task in advance to maintain steady growth of your art.

Wind clockwise around the bobbin with the edge of the thread and place it on the winder. Check the presser foot and apply a gentle pressure to the paddle so that the bobbin gets full of thread. When it will be full, naturally it will stop spinning and then cut the thread. After cutting remove it from winder. 

Placing The Thread On The Machine

Most of the times, the treading instructions are printed with serial numbers over the machine to simplify the procedure. So you need to thread the machine guided by those directions. Bring the thread down front of the machine.

By following the directional arrows, pull the thread down like “U” shape and wrap the thread around from take-up lever to back down to the needles. In the take-up lever, you will find a hole through which the thread will go through.

Placing the thread on the machine

Threading The Needle

Take the edge of the thread and pull it to near to needle. Thread the needle and pull it to go through a small metal part just beneath the needle.

Find The Place To Place The Bobbin

When upper of threading the machine is done, and then you need to place the bobbin in a small compartment which generally placed just below the needle. You have to open this chamber where you will find a bobbin slot and it should open easily. But again it’s safer to check user manual before opening.

Exposing The Bobbin Thread

Unwind some inches of the thread from the bobbin so that it will catch the hand wheel. Be sure about the catching, as without it stitching will not behave rationally. Place the bobbin in the compartments following the user manual so that the thread will easily unwind.

Exposing the bobbin thread

After closing the compartment, turn the round dial/wheel towards you for few times so that the end of the thread from the bobbin should pop out. You need to pull some inches of the thread and check whether it removes easily.

By following basic directions for threading a sewing machine will enhance your sewing job. But it is always recommended to read full instruction of the manufacturer’s user guide.

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