AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter Review

Here's an innovative and high-design tool that can be a great aid to anyone who loves quilting, among other crafts. AccuQuilt'sGO! Baby Fabric Cutterhas an extremely glossy exterior and a light-colored workspace.

Essentially, it is a fabric die-cutter. So, if you are a professional or hobbyist sewer or quilter of baby quilt material who needs to cut several fabric pieces all at once without having a big machine, then go for this one.

AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter

AccuQuilt GO Baby Fabric Cutter Review


  • A cutter for sewing and quilting of baby fabric.
  • 90% faster at cutting several fabric layers than conventional cutters.
  • Weight: 4kg.
  • Height: 8.25''.
  • One year's manufacturer's warranty.


Portable and Travel-Friendly

The Accuquilt Go! Baby is a highly portable machine for cutting baby cloth.Not only beginners, but anyone working on small projects can use it successfully. After use, its sides can be folded up, making carrying it around with its handle very light and easy.

Its carrying handle is comfortable to lift which makes it very easy to make items for babies, once you have the precise baby quilt measurements. It also comes with a roller handle grip that is safe to use, and neither gives any cuts on the fingers nor does protracted hours of work give sore backs. These features render it travel-friendly so this little wonder can be taken to meetings and quilting sessions.

90% Faster, Precise and Consistent

This cutter works 90% faster than any pair of scissors or rotary cutters. It works evenly on fabric, cuts more accurately and offers exact shapes with no need for slipping rulers to cut down on fabric waste.

It also cuts more layers of fabric at a time. Its dies make the shapes more consistent and precise each time. The dies offer a quarter inch seam space in geometric patterns. The cutter's design enables lining up the fabric with the shapes, so wastage of fabric is almost impossible.

Cuts Several Layers of Fabric Together

Users say that this machine cuts about 6-8 layers of baby quilt fabric all at once, which not only saves their time but also helps them keep to their production schedules.

For instance, it can cut six layers of cotton fabric and batik each and two each of fleece, wool and flannel, and one each of denim and leather. Apart from all these materials, the AccuQuilt Go is also a beautiful felt cutting machine.

AccuQuilt GO Baby Fabric Cutter

Lightweight and Small-Sized

If you've been looking at what's available in the market, fabric cutters can be large and heavy, making them bulky to use.

The cutter is barely 4 kg approximately, and its dimensions are 5.5″ x 14.5″ x 9.5.” Due to its lightweight and neat and efficient design, it can easily be brought out of storage and taken with you.

Ease of Use

It works naturally, without the use of batteries or electricity and shuts with a magnetic latch. It works fast, which makes it a time-saving machine, and all without the backaches! By using a basic manual roller with a comfortable handle grip, you can cut the material precisely and quickly each time, thereby making it convenient to use.

Huge Array of Dies

The Accuquilt Go! Baby Fabric Cutter can create unlimited projects due to its many, many dies.

Safe to Use

This fabric go cutter keeps your fingers from the blades and therefore are safe to use. This advantage doesn't just keep you away from injury but also encourages you to use the machine confidently.

Cutting Dies Galore

When using theAccuquiltmachine, only its dies can be used, but the good news is that there are more than 95 dies you can choose from.

The AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter is so heavily endowed with wonderful features that it will never let you down, whether you work at home on quilts or at an outdoor session. For more on this product, read Accuquilt go reviews online. Once you get the starter set, you'll know how to make a cutter work for you.

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