4 Best Industrial Sewing Machine Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

When you are about to deal with relatively large commercial projects, you’ll need best industrial sewing machine.

Normally while working on regular fabric or small projects, a standard stitchery machine will be enough. But the commercial machine is ideal for working on tough materials or when you need continuous great speed.

A professional and dedicated commercial machine is capable of putting stitches in a wide range of diversified materials as like quilts, canvas, handbags, leather shoes or upholstery. Besides, regular stitching jobs, these machines are expert in performing buttonholes, monograms and blind hems.

Basically, manufacturer integrated bulky and solid motors in these heavy duty machines which help to initiate perfect speed and performance.

Previously industrial machines were producing focusing only to fit within workplace but now a day manufacturers are also producing sort of hybrid to use both in the workplace or home with commercial intent.

Now we are getting many models with different speed, built-in materials, and models. Therefore always you need to pick right needles, machines or speed to amplify your reputation in handling large workloads. But choosing from variety array, you must have to go through the mind-boggling and time-consuming stress.

That is why we have researched many top rated industrial sewing machines, users’ reaction towards those devices and interviewed several manufacturers to come up with best products which will suit your need as a perfectionist.

This detailed review guide will help you to decide best versatile, adaptive and convenience device for your commercial purpose.

Types of Industrial Sewing Machine You Need to Know

Basically, there are many kinds of industrial sewing machine we can found in the market and each design has been built to facilitate specific purposes. But based on factory settings or individual’s commercial intend mainly we have four types based on the design of their arm and needle posts.


This common type commercial machine has the arm and needle which are extremely extended to its flat base. Usually, you’ll get these at comparatively lower prices.

Generally, when you need to sew flat fabric materials as a dress or related garments, these machines’ performance will be extraordinary.

Cylinder-Bed Machine

This specific type designed with the narrow, horizontal column rather flat base. When you need to pass the materials around and under the column instead of passing over the flat surface, you need 5 to 16 cm diameter range of the Cylinder-bed industrial machine.

Sewer who needs to work on the project like cuffs, saddles, and shoes are the common usage of this type.

Post-Bed Machine

This type features bobbins, feed dog and loopers. These functions will rise in the vertical column. Sewer many need to raise the column between 10 and 45 cm to attaching emblems and making equine boots.

So when a perfectionist needs to complete complex stitching or area itself is difficult, this type help most.

Off-the-Arm Machine

In a difficult project where sewing expert needs to produce stitches on heavier and thicker materials like sleeve and shoulder seams they’ll need off the arm type sewing device.

To operate or working in this machine will require workers to feed your fabric along the axis of its horizontal column.

Recommended 5 best Industrial Sewing Machines on our list

All our chosen models are top reviewed and reputed among end users. While choosing we concentrated on quality, performance, and capabilities in delivering outputs. No matter you are a professional or household sewer, our recommended tools will meet all your needs.

The simple designed JUKI MO654DE industrial thread serger is very convenient in enhancing your crafts like sewing, hemming and most of all beautiful stitchery works. This budget-friendly machine is reputed in stitching tough materials with a high level of perfection.

The speed of this machine will save you time and energy. 7 built-in stitches, 3 threads (2/3/4) types and one-touch automatic thread cutter are the effective features of this technological machine.

The machine’s controlling mechanism is very easy to operate and it’s built with high quality durable but weightless materials which are easy to transport anywhere you like.

The safety switch lock ensures its protection when you are not using it. Integrated feed is very dedicated to adjusting almost any sort of fabric smoothly.

When you are a commercial producer of sewing works, alterations, and repairs you should seek for this user-friendly machine to bring up your creativity in different kinds of stitches and styles.

Some extraordinary features of this industrial machine are:

  • Have dedicated drive cutting program.
  • Can rolled hem automatically.
  • Capable of detecting color coded threading and breakaway looper.
  • Stitches length can be adjustable.
  • Versatile pressure foot for cording, blind stitch, piping, gathering and many more.
Industrial Sewing Machine
Brother PQ1500SL Sewing Machine

If you are really struggling with diversified fabric or large-sized job, then Brother PQ1500SL heavy industrial sewing machine will ready to eliminate your nightmare pressure with heavy power speed. With its incredible velocity, this machine is capable of completing 1500 stitches per minute.

The integrated automated needle threader, positioned, thread trimmer will make threading process very easy. You’ll also found a presser foot lifter knee lever to get a smooth control of the fabric to be flat to get proper stitches.

The device is 29.8 pounds of weight and the dimension is near about 25 x 11.8 x 14.8 inches.

With this device, you actually can control the drop feed dog and 12×18 sized extended table ensures your large working space to handle big commercial targets.

The F.A.S.T. needle threader and adjustable pressure foot you can save a lot of time and you can engage the spare time in other creative activities which are really necessary to uplift your skills to next level.

This durable time saver industrial machines are favorite among many users like; free motion or other quilters, speed lovers and heavy duty sewers.

Industrial Sewing Machine
JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

JUKI TL-2000Qi is fourth industrial sewing machine in our wish-list. With 4.6 ratings, this device is successful in building a reputation in sewers client base.

Those who require high-quality stitches and extra features to get smooth moves to continue commercial sewing jobs, they will be most benefited from this versatile stitchery machine.

The automatic needle position adjustable controller helps you to save your time from the manual operation and it produces high-end stitches evenly.

The extra brightening light allows you to continue sewing in nine-inch throat space machine.

Adjustable Feed Dogs stimulator, automatic thread cutter, and stitch control mechanisms are capable of reducing your enormous time to complete commercial projects.

As a perfectionist, you’ll be happy to know that this device never misses any stitches. This true workhouse is made of high-quality durable materials that when performing extra speedy works, the machine tends not to vibrate.

The price of this machine is mediocre but when you compare the extraordinary features, you’ll surely find that this is a value-packed compact industrial machine for the serious and committed commercial sewers.

Few other extra features are:

  • Can produce 1500 stitches per minute.
  • Controllable sewing speed.
  • Pressure foot raise and lowering.
  • Throat is 8.5" Long and 7" high.
  • Can sew multilayered materials.
Industrial Sewing Machine
SINGER S16 Studio Sewing and Quilting Machine

When you have the target to complete a commercial project with huge speed and straight stitches to excel your quilting and darning tasks, SINGER S16 Studio Industrial-Grade commercial machine will be your true embroidery friend.

Manufacturers marketed this machine at very affordable prices, great motion and convenient features. In today’s competitive market it’s hard to find a good industrial device to get the best performance.

With this enthusiast device, you can carry on seamstress workload and it helps in eliminating your tension about wobbly stitch lines.

1,600 stitches per minute and long arm structure can reduce your project timing and besides the automatic bobbin winding, needle threader and the knee lifter are a huge time saver.

This device is capable of producing up to 1600 stitches per minutes with a variable stitch length from 1 millimeter to 6 millimeters.

The bright light gives you perfect readability and eye relaxes while working.  The other important functions are:

  • Adjustable speed control system.
  • Dual spool pins.
  • Ideal for large or heavy projects.
  • Integrated quarter inch foot, narrow rolled hem foot, darning plate & free motion foot.
  • Capable of stitching in multiple layer denim.

Therefore to get professional crafts finished stitches, this model is unbeatable. As a perfectionist, when you’ll need plenty of workspace and automatic electronic thread cutter for your commercial works, you’ll find this industrial sewing machine so beneficial.

Top Factors to Consider Before Buying Industrial Sewing Machine

This is obvious that to deliver commercial cloth and garments accessories sewing projects, you definitely need a best industrial sewing machine to justify your output. But choosing from a wide range of models and brands is really painful.

If you don’t want to ruin your projects you definitely have to consider few characteristics which will enhance your ongoing and future commercial schedules.

Therefore before making any concluding comments about any serger, here are the top considerations factors which will guide you.

Performance speed

When you are searching any device to speed up your projects, certainly you would require a performance-based machine to reduce your time consumption in completing or delivering high volume production.

So choose as efficient machine as possible. An ideal industrial sewing machine can produce more than 1000 stitches per minutes. Therefore you should not choose such machine which can produce less than 1000 stitches/minute.

Power Consumption

If you are about to settle your sewing machine at home, to run that machine, you have to concern about your electrical invoice.

As long as high powered machines will require more energy, you have to cut your pocket a bit at the end of the billing cycle. But don’t worry, manufacturers are offering some machines with eco-friendly features to reduce power utilization.

Means of use

While searching for desire device, you have to look whether the machine is capable of producing garments manufacturing. Some of the machines solely used for upholstery or some may require additional manpower to operate and control.

Therefore you’ve to choose machine carefully and exclude those are not dedicated to delivering commercial intent.

Functionality and features

Since you are buying the device for commercial purpose, you should not overlook the working space of the machine.

Big projects will require large space so a large arm sewing machine should be more preferable. Besides, bed types also important since it helps to concentrate better on stitches.


Nothing will last if the machines are at out of your reach. That means you have to make a proper balance in between your needs and budget. The more budgeted device will have more integrated features.

That’s why we have featured machines in different price range. But it’s to confirm you that all our chosen devices are the best among their price variety.


Select the best industrial sewing machine which will fulfill your present and future commercial needs. Remember picking the ideal machine will step up your sewing skills to next upgraded level.

Since from wide range of machines, it’s really tough to choose the perfect one, you better brief all your needs. And then according to your desired features, narrow down the potential brands and finally pick something which will foster your personal development in stitching jobs.

Therefore to value your investment you should look for a durable and versatile device within your budget.

The best machine will offer you effectiveness and efficiency to handle light or tough materials, facilitate you to reduce your projected time and capable to recoup your valuable investments.

We have reviewed top rated models which are filled with diversified features, benefits, and usefulness. Since these types are bit costly, we have picked best available models within the different price ranges.

So our chosen sewing machines will suit all your needs and you’ll feel confident investing in that devices, which will bring success to your commercial projects.

If you own a tailoring business at home or you are a director of large commercial enterprises, you’ll be happy to see your dreams come true.

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