Best Iron for Quilting: Our Top Picks for 2018/2019

If quilting is your passion, you know the importance of having a perfect iron. While the market is rife with all kinds of quilting irons trying to catch your attention, which is really the best iron for quilting? Which quilting iron should you take home? To clear the fog, we've rounded up nine so that you have enough to choose from. 

Factors to consider when buying a quilting iron:

Here are some leading factors to bear in mind when you're out choosing among the best irons for quilting:

  • Ensure that your choice of quilter's iron offers a smooth steam flow.
  • Check that your iron of choice has computerized temperature controls that you can adjust to the fabric you're ironing.
  • Does your iron have heat settings for the fabric you want to iron? 
  • Understand how soleplates work and take your pick from stainless steel, Teflon, ceramic and aluminum. Also, good quilting irons will glide over fabric, something that works well with ceramic and stainless steel. 
  • The best steam irons are built to be robust and durable. Check that it is so. 
  • Ensure that your iron of choice offers the highest level of safety while it is being used. At no point should it cause you to experience burns, or ruin or burn your fabric or garments. In extreme cases, a bad iron may also cause a fire. 
  • Also, ensure that your iron does not spill water or hot steam while you use it.
  • Ensure that the controls of your iron have a few digital ones or have circular dials or sliding triggers. This will make it user-friendly for all members of your family. 
  • Go in for a lightweight iron which doesn't strain your arms or shoulders when lifting it or when ironing with it.

Best Quilting Iron Reviews

Now that you are familiar with what you should be looking for in a good quilting iron, you can confidently enter a store and ask for quilting irons. Meanwhile, here are reviews of nine of the best steam irons for quilters today. Read these reviews before you decide.

1. Rowenta Steam Iron, Stainless Steel Soleplate, Digital LED Display, Blue:

This is an 1800-watt steam iron which is powered by SteamForce Technology that removes wrinkles from all kinds of fabric smoothly and effectively, and from the collar and seams, and near buttons.


Its many excellent features render it the best Rowenta iron for quilting.

  • It is a German product made entirely of stainless steel. It is scratch-resistant, non-stick and has 400 steam holes that elevate 30% extra steam into clothes under ironing, as compared to steam pumps without pumps.
Best Overall
1. Rowenta Steam Iron, Stainless Steel Soleplate, Digital LED Display, Blue:
  • It has a vibrant LED display, an ultramodern steam motion sensor and a self-cleaning system that does not allow any calcium build-up.
  • The Rowenta Steam Iron comes with an inbuilt and smoothly gliding Teflon-coated soleplate.
  • The capacity of its water tank is 350 ml.
  • Due to its integrated self-cleaning methodology, it is able to retain its top position in the market.
  • The distribution of steam is kept uniform for the entire soleplate to facilitate better penetration of steam and ironing. 
  • Quick and even distribution of heat is possible by the aluminum content of the middle part of the soleplate.
  • Users can easily use untreated tap water while ironing. 
  • It saves water and energy due to the action of the steam motion sensor that shuts off variable steam when the iron is no longer used.
  • It uses a lot of electricity. 
  • Distilled water cannot be used here. 

2. Oliso Pro TG1600 10001075 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology, 1800 Watts, Pink:

This Oliso pro iron review will familiarise you with all its many useful features. It is definitely a smart iron because it is governed by the smart iTouch technology. So smart is it that in 2006, Time magazine named it as one among the year's best innovations. Even today, it is considered smart.


Let's check out its outstanding features:

  • Its exclusive iTouch technology renders it intelligently. So, if you stop ironing for a minute, you don't need to manually return it to its base. The iron does this itself. When you get back to hold the handle, the iron lowers itself to enable easy ironing.
Best Smart Iron
Oliso Pro TG1600 10001075 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology, 1800 Watts, Pink
  • Its soleplate is made of the best quality stainless steel and has a bead blast chromium finish to enable a smooth glide on clothes and fabric. It is also scratch-resistant and thick so that it can iron out creases and is durable.
  • It has a high precision detailer tip for easy access over difficult garment parts, such as cuffs and collars. Besides, intricately designed pleats can also be ironed easily. 
  • Its smart steam feature cuts off steam when you stop ironing, making it energy- and water-saving. The Triple Play steam feature lets you choose from horizontal, vertical and continuous steaming options for best results. 
  • It consumes 1800 watts of electricity, so heating up takes less than 80 seconds. At this power, it can also iron very efficiently. Its integrated digital controls ensure that its temperature is maintained. 
  • It has a shut-off time of 30 minutes, so you needn't worry if you forget or are preoccupied. 
  • It has a larger water tank than others, at 0.36 liters. So, a refill will take a very long time.
  • Its capacity for steam generation is massive with three steam modes offered--horizontal, vertical and continuous steam.
  • Scorching clothes is impossible since the iron lifts itself onto the scorch guards. 
  • It is not strenuous to use and is time-saving, due to iTouch technology which doesn't call for the lifting of the iron. 
  • Its heavy soleplate is responsible for crinkle-free and smooth ironing. 
  • After barely a year's use, this iron sputters.
  • It also heats up with a lot of difficulties after using it for a long period.

3. Shark Professional Steam Iron, Garment Steamer with Fabric Selector, Auto-Shut Off and Stainless Steel Soleplate:

This steam iron is engineered to be a superior product that gives more than the usual steam output and excellent performance. It works with 1800 watts electricity and gives you the maximum steam power and professional level quality results.


  • It has a 9.5" premium level soleplate made of stainless steel with the extra maneuverability of Smooth Glide technology. The large soleplate helps the iron cover a larger area of material in one go, thereby negating many strokes. 
Best Energy-Saving Iron
Shark Professional Steam Iron, Garment Steamer with Fabric Selector, Auto-Shut Off and Stainless Steel Soleplate
  • It works on 1800 watts of electricity. It also heats up faster than its competitors with lower wattage. It maintains the pre-set temperature while ironing. High heat enables faster removal of creases in a shorter timeframe and allows for more steam while ironing.
  • This iron is heavy at 2 kg, which allows the user to exert more pressure on the iron. So, it irons heavier fabric better and gets rid of creases faster. 
  • The anti-calc system inbuilt into this iron ensures that there is no calcium build up here. So, you can safely use tap water when ironing. 
  • Temperature is regulated using a simple touch button and a thermostat. LED lights may be used in dimly lit environments. 
  • The thin tapered tip of the iron is meant for easy maneuverability of fabric and garments.
  • Tap a button and choose any fabric from various settings and the iron will adjust temperature and steam to suit the material.
  • It also has a very large water tank (300 ml), a self-cleaning system and works on automatic power off.
  • Users say that this is a good iron, though heavy with good steaming facilities.
  • It also does not drip.
  • It is attractive and well-balanced.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • The iron is far too heavy.
  • It is neither very efficient nor comfortable to use.

For all its features and capabilities, the Shark Professional Steam Iron is by far the best clothes iron today.

4. Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron, Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate, White/Clear Green:

This iron may look frail and dainty, but in reality, it is sturdy and ready for hard work. It scores points on its engineering and functionality. Quilters will go for this one because it heats up really fast.


  • The stainless steel soleplate is scratch-resistant and durable, enabling gliding over the material. It also does not call for much maintenance. Its steam vents release steam that helps with ironing out creases.
Best Cordless Iron
Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron, Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate, White Clear Green
  • The iron works in three temperature settings--low, medium and high, thus enabling the user to set the best temperature that suits the fabric.
  • Ultramodern technology is used to control temperature. A microprocessor is used here which allows for seamlessly moving from low to high power. 
  • By integrating an anti-calc feature, the iron does not develop any calcium deposits into its vents. 
  • One of its stellar features is the anti-drip system that prevents any leakage of water.
  • The iron has a charging port attached to a power cable that provides stability and support to the iron in case of accidents. 
  • It gets heated at 1500 watts of electricity.
  • Steam is released here at the press of a button, just like the indicator lights come on at the press of a button to alert the user that the iron is ready for use. 
  • It is a cordless iron. 
  • Its auto shut-off feature negates the need for reheating, making it ideal for quilting.
  • Its stainless steel soleplate has round holes that trap the air, so enabling a smooth glide while ironing.
  • It has a one-touch variable steam feature that allows the user to select the steam option appropriate to the fabric to be ironed.
  • It takes three minutes to heat up, whereas others take just a few seconds.
  • Its water tank is so small that it demands frequent refills.

5. CHI (13102) Steam Iron with Retractable Cord:

Here's a highly versatile and durable steam iron, which you'd love to possess.


Here are its salient features:

  • It is designed using Flat Iron technology.
  • This steam iron is so versatile that with 1700 watts of electricity. 
  • Its titanium infused ceramic soleplate makes the iron durable and assures low maintenance.
Best by Convenience
CHI (13102) Steam Iron with Retractable Cord
  • This iron is made using superior quality materials, such as titanium and ceramic, which help minimize wear and tear. The soleplate also is robust yet scratch-resistant, adding to its durability. 
  • Temperature control is done by selecting the temperature based on the fabric used. 
  • A high power level of 1700 W ensures that the steam arising from it will be enough. You needn't wait long to bring on the steam as the high electricity level ensures you get it fast. 
  • This iron has 400 steam holes spread out over its surface area, ensuring that you can cover most of the fabric in one stroke. 
  • The steam release lever helps regulate the amount of steam released by the iron. This makes the iron function efficiently without replenishing water too often. 
  • You get a textured grip of this iron when using for a long time.
  • You can store the iron easily when not using it, thanks to the eight feet-long retractable cord. You can also carry it around the house and iron where you please. 
  • The titanium infused ceramic soleplate gives additional life to this iron.
  • It has a lever for steam control.
  • It is very durable.
  • It has a retractable cord
  • It is awkward to fill up with water. 
  • When used for a long time, the iron generates steam unevenly.

Shop for Chi mini flat irons online and get good deals.

6. Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron:

This Garment steamer is modular in design and elegant too. Considering its small size, it is perhaps the best travel iron available today. It's small, but it could easily be called the best iron for quilting. 


  • It works equally well with two voltage settings--100 V and 240 V, so you can easily travel with it.
  • It has a nonstick soleplate, so it can easily adjust to any type of fabric you iron, not stick to it.
  • On switching on the iron, it heats up within 15 seconds.
Best Small Iron
Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron
  •  A single touch helps control the amount of steam generated. 
  • It works on 420 Watts of electricity, enabling you to get rid of stubborn creases easily. 
  • By selecting the temperature on the dial to suit the fabric, you can iron any kind of fabric at the right temperature. It comes with three different temperature settings. 
  • The anti-slip handle offers an excellent grip. 
  • It is sold along with a travel bag. 
  • It comes with a cord, 7.5 feet long. 
  • It has a non-stick soleplate.
  • It works in three different temperature settings.
  • It can work in two voltage settings.
  • It can double up as a Garment Steamer.
  • For it to release steam, it must be held horizontally.
  • It takes a bit of time to iron out stubborn wrinkles.

7. BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron, LCD Screen, Gray, D2030:

This is a digital iron with an LCD display for temperature, fabric setting, and steam level. It is feature-rich and is therefore rated as the Best Budget Iron in its price band. It is ergonomically designed to have a comfortable grip. This professional iron calls for minimal maintenance.


  • It works at 1500 watts of energy and heats up the iron faster than others. This level of power also helps it generate more steam over a sustained period. High power also helps in removing creases easily.
Best Budget Iron
BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron, LCD Screen, Gray, D2030.
  • Its tough stainless steel soleplate is durable and scratch-resistant. It works well with a variety of fabrics. It is also lightweight.
  • With a one-touch button, this iron produces a jet of steam. With vertical ironing, it can be used as a steamer to straighten creases from hanging garments without ironing them on the board.
  • It shuts off power in three ways: while left idle, it immediately cuts off electricity; when left on its side, it shuts off in 30 seconds and left on its base, it takes eight minutes to shut off.
  • Its vibrant LCD display makes it user-friendly.
  • A button on the dial tells the user to set the iron at the best temperature for the fabric to be ironed, thus making it energy, water and power-efficient.
  • Its anti-calc system prevents the build-up of calcium deposits inside the iron, while its anti-clean feature helps eliminate all the dirt in the water tank.
  • It does not drip water. 
  • The LCD display helps monitor and control the iron well. 
  • It is ergonomically designed to be comfortable while ironing. 
  • It is lighter than its competitors. 
  • Its stainless steel soleplate makes it durable and helps glide over the fabric.
  • It does not have a retractable cord, Teflon coating nor a precision tip.
  • Users often complain that the water tank cover is prone to easy breakage which causes leaks.

8. Reliable Velocity 200IR Compact Vapor Generator Home Iron: 

Backed by a two-year warranty, this product comes with a slew of attractive features that render it the best in its category of steam irons.


  • Its one-touch steam control and three temperature settings for a variety of fabric types, help heat up the water tank within barely 15 seconds. 
  • It works efficiently on 420 watts of energy to remove the most stubborn wrinkles from all types of fabric.
Best Steam Iron
Reliable Velocity 200IR Compact Vapor Generator Home Iron
  • It offers greater efficiency to the user with its 7.5 feet power cord for easy portability and its anti-slip handle that affords a comfortable grip for prolonged use. 
  • It works on 100 and 240 volts, making it the perfect travel companion. 
  • It comes with a travel bag and a plastic measuring cup. 
  • There are no spills or leakages while using this iron. 
  • This small iron for quilting is easy to use due to the dual heating feature.
  • It is ideal for ironing cotton fabric and garments.
  • It generates a lot of steam.
  • Its cord is very thin.  
  • The location of the steam button being what it is, it is normal to press it accidentally.

9. SINGER | Magic Steam Press ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press, Portable with a Large Pressing Surface and Auto Shut-Off with Audible:

With this iron, pressing your clothes is absolutely breezy. Its one-touch feature helps you quickly go through a mountain of clothes, ironing as fast as you can.

This model is easily among the most reliable irons for quilting you can find today.


  • It has a unique and compact design which enables commercial grade ironing.
  • It generates a lot of steam which helps remove creases from any type of fabric.
Best Steam Press
SINGER Magic Steam Press ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press, Portable with a Large Pressing Surface and Auto Shut-Off with Audible
You can get a powerful jet of steam by setting the steamer in burst mode. 
  • It has a unique design and a self-cleaning feature.
  • Its auto shutdown feature is very thoughtful.
  • It allows the user to select temperature based on the fabric. 
  • This iron provides for commercial grade ironing.
  • The company's customer service is very limited. 
  • The steam should be more consistent. 

Honorable Mention

Laura Go + Ironing System:

This iron is designed with the Laurastar brand of exclusive technology so that users get the benefit of having a professional iron with steam and a table that has both a vacuum system and a blower.

It offers perfect ironing and has a soleplate that protects delicate fabrics. It also comes with a heat-resistant mat, a steam cord, a drain tray and a water filling bottle.


By investing in the best iron for quilting, not only will you save a lot of money using an energy-efficient product, but you will also have your garments and fabric, hands and house safe. As buyers, you will naturally look for the best features, design, functionality and type of iron you need. The best in today's market have been presented here objectively so that you can pick up the perfect one.

Welcome the coming year with the best iron for quilting 2019 and take your passion for quilting forward.