Best Long Arm Quilting Machine For 2023

The long arm quilting industry has grown so exponentially in the past few years that whether you're a new or seasoned quilter looking for a machine, you have enough of a range to choose from. And these days, by browsing the net you can also read long arm quilting machine reviews and decide which one to go in for.

Best Comparison Table For Long Arm Quilting Machine

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Long Arm Quilting Machine
TOP FEATURES: Over 3 times quilting space, 8" vertical space, 36” x 30” height-adjustable table, 1,800 precision stitches per minute
STITCH REGULATOR: Tru Stitch Regulation
LED LIGHTING: LED light ring
Grace Q nique Long Arm Quilting Machine
TOP FEATURES: Large throat area, Comfortable grip handles, Easy access buttons, Longer quilting time possible due to large class M bobbin, You can change the bobbin easily
Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Long Arm Sewing Machine
TOP FEATURES: 18'' x 10'' workspace, Exclusive thread trimmer,Extendable table and stand--max height 34'' height and 35'' width,Auxiliary hand wheel
LED LIGHTING: LCD touchscreen
TOP FEATURES: Inbuilt hardware and motor plate Includes consisting of 200 pattern library, Make your own patterns or trace them from cphotos,Methods of placing patterns precisely
LED LIGHTING: 8-button LCD display
Grace Gracie King Sewing Quilting Frame for Quilting Machine
TOP FEATURES: Large wooden frame can be installed in king (122''), queen (87'') crib (51'') sizes,Legs of the frame can be adjusted in height, Set of four bungee clamps, Movable bottom rail
LED LIGHTING: 8-button LCD display
Juki TL-2010Q Long Arm Quilting Machine
TOP FEATURES: Thread cutter, Needle up/down button, Automatic Needle-Threader and Bobbin-Winder, Adjustable speed, Adjustable speed length
THROAT SPACE: 8.5'' x 5.9''
Juki TL-2000Qi 9 Long-Arm Machine
TOP FEATURES: Automatic thread trimmer, 12 mm extra high foot lift, Needle up/down, Adjustable presser foot pressure, Extended flatbed enables working

Long Arm Quilting Reviews

If you want to take your passion for your craft forward, your first step is to check out some long arm quilting machine reviews online. Here we present a series of long arm quilting machines for home use and those for professional use too. Choose the one that interests you.

If you're used to working on a sit-down machine, the Handi Quilter’s HQ Sweet Sixteen is the best long arm quilting machine for your quilting projects.

Now that TruStitch is part of the package, you will be able to create the most unique quilts with beautiful designs and consistent stitches.

This long arm quilting machine comes with several impressive and useful features, such as:

Large Throat Space

With 16" of throat space, you can now have all the space you need to quilt large projects, a king-sized quilt too!

Extendable Table

The table provides a lot of workspace to the quilter. Its dimensions of 36” x 30” are complemented by its height-adjustable nature, raising it from 26" to 42". The smooth surface of the table is useful in letting your fabric glide smoothly below the needle.

Stitch Speed

This computerized long arm quilting machine comes with a mighty motor which gives you a maximum of 1500 stitches per minute. You can also choose from three speed settings on the touch screen and allow the machine to save it in its memory.

  • It is dense with many thoughtfully designed features.
  • The extendable table doubles up as a good work table.
  • It works smoothly with minimal vibration.
  • The TruStitch regulator is computerized and measures all movements on the extendable table, assuring you of consistently even stitches.
  • Customers complain of poor customer service.
  • It is expensive.

This is an industrial workhorse, designed to quilt on heavyweight materials. Considering this, the machine has various stitch modes, among other features.

Large Throat Area

Its throat area is 14"+ which makes it ideal to sew larger blocks and patterns, apart from giving the quilter more working space.

Stitch Modes

There are four stitch modes here:
  • Precise Stitch Mode: You control the stitch per inch setting for even stitches. The speed of the machine can also be regulated, and the machine stops stitching when the quilter stops moving.
  • Cruise Stitch Mode: Here, you pre-set the stitches per minute and the speed of the machine. If you slow down the machine, it will continue to stitch at minimum speed.
  • Baste Stitching Mode: By pre-setting the basting edges, you can baste the edges of the quilt.
  • Manual Stitching Mode: Here, the machine is operated free-style.

Large Throat Area

Its throat area is 14"+ which makes it ideal to sew larger blocks and patterns, apart from giving the quilter more working space.

One-Touch Controls

Convenient quick-access buttons for easy control of sewing functions.

Stitches Per Minute

This machine produces finely crafted 1,800 stitches per minute.

  • It allows stitches to be regulated, so they are even and perfect.
  • It has two thread towers, and the bobbin is large and M-shaped.
  • Pre-set stitching modes allow quilters to work in accordance with the stitch per inch required.
  • It is ideal for industrial or professional requirements.
  • Its large number of features can overwhelm beginners.
  • It is more expensive than its peers. 

Perhaps you're a beginner quilter. If so, a good quilting machine to start with is the Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Long Arm Sewing Machine. Or perhaps you're a fan of the Juki series.

In that case, you really must go in for this long arm sewing machine as it is endowed with many excellent features that will make quilting easy for you.

Automatic Thread Trimmers

This feature is the USP of this sit-down long arm quilting machine.

Large Throat Space

Its throat space is an amazing 18", facilitating more comfortable stitching experiences for you.

Expandable Table

Its table can be adjusted to a maximum of 50" width on a metal stand of adjustable height. It has a wooden top and leaf on both sides. Its total depth is 30". Its other features are:

LED Lighting

The LED lighting works in both directions, so you will always have sufficient light when working on this machine.

  • Its large table makes it a sit-down quilting machine.
  • It has a robust design and so is durable too, so it's not surprising that it's known as the best long arm quilting machine for beginners.
  • For that perfect stitch, this machine gives you the features of automatic thread cutter and automatic bobbin winder.
  • Most of its features are programmable so you can select the settings you want when moving on to another project.
  • The set-up instructions in the manual are insufficient.
  • The tension disks here work differently from those in other machines, making it frustrating for sewers until they get used to this machine.

This is an ultramodern automated quilting system that gives you wonderful quilting pleasure thanks to the technology that built it.

Clearly the best longarm quilting machine in its class, you'll be overwhelmed by its leading features:

Quilting Software

It is the product of latter-day hardware and a powerful motor plate that control the working of the machine. From pattern to finish, you have the advantage of this software.

Vast Pattern Library

QuiltMotion software provides a pattern library of over 200 patterns ready to quilt.

LCD Screen

This screen provides greater visibility in the work area, thereby negating eye strain.

QuiltMotion Placement Methods

With QuiltMotion, you can place your patterns on the quilt in the way you imagine, even if you want a change in the original pattern.

New Patterns From Photos

Trace new patterns from pictures with this software and create your own new pattern for your quilt.

Operating System (OS)

This software is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista.

Carriage Upgrade

Ensure you have an aluminum or steel carriage for better results. If you have a wooden one, opt for Carriage Upgrade.

  • With the software here, you can quilt patterns precisely.
  • It is compatible with several quilting machines.
  • You can tweak your design to look more perfect.
  • The software guides you through the entire process starting from design and ending with the finished quilt.
  • Not the right level for beginners.
  • It is costly.

This quilting machine is endowed with multiple features that make it stand out in a tough market.

Being one of the best rated long arm quilting machines, it has many admirable features, such as:

Foot Controller with Thread Trimming feature:

By pressing the heel part of the foot pedal, you can trim needle and bobbin threads automatically. The foot controller is large enough to control starting and stopping of sewing.

Automatic Thread Trimmer

The automatic thread trimmer trims the threads of needle and bobbin if you just press the push-button.

Even Feed Foot

This feature ensures that the machine produces perfect seams when working on velvet or georgette or even leather.

Heavy Weight Materials

A microcomputer operates the speed control feature so that sewing takes place at low speeds. This gives perfect stitches irrespective of the layers of material used.

Speed Control

The machine has a slide knob with controls sewing speed between 200 and 1,500 stitches per minutes.

  • Its throat area is 8.5" x 5.9".
  • The machine stops accurately with the needle down when you stop sewing.

This quilting machine is for those who want to experience the pleasure of working on a wood-crafted frame.

Not among the affordable long arm quilting machines, it stands out for many of its features:

Large Frame

The quilt frame here is available in two sizes, and are sold separately: the king or queen. Both sizes can be reduced to crib size. If you buy the queen size, you stand to get an extension kit to upgrade it to a king size.

Height-Changeable Legs

By modifying the height of the legs of the work table from 32" to 52", you can work at the perfectly comfortable level.

Fourth Rail

This feature helps keep the batting away from the floor. Besides, with the help of a flip-up rail, the batting below the top layer of the quilt can easily be examined and modified.

Gracie King Carriage

The frames of this machine are made of high quality and lightweight aluminum, plastic and birch.

  • It can be set up in three different sizes--king, queen and crib.
  • It is sturdy and well-made.
  • It is compatible with leading quilting machine brands.
  • The unit includes a set of four bungee tension locking bungee clamps to hold the fabric firmly in place.
  • It takes several hours to assemble.

Welcome to the next gen quilting machine. The features of the Juki TL-2000Qi9" quilting machine are a mix of convenience, style and comfort.

Plus you'll get a lot of work done quickly and smoothly. Here are its top features:

Praised for its high performance and several accessories, the Juki TL-2000Qi is known as the dark horse of quilting machines.

It is generally considered to be the best long arm quilting machine for home use.

It is endowed with features that elevate it into a class all its own, such as:

Industrial Built

Having an industrial build, it can easily work with several layers of fabric, particularly heavy-duty fabric, making it ideal for creating large-sized quilts.

Stitch Speed

It can comfortably produce 1500 stitches per minute.

Single Stitch

Such computerized quilting machines for home use come with a single needle and hence only do the straight stitching. This makes it perfect for quilting, tailoring and dressmaking.

Foot Controller and Thread Trimming Feature

Pressing down on the heel of the foot controller helps trim needle and bobbin threads. Here, the foot controller is large and easy to control sewing and stopping.

LED Light

With sufficient light in the needle area, the fabric can be handled better while also reducing eye strain. 

Portable and Lightweight

Made with aluminum die-casting renders it portable and lightweight, while also preventing any noise and vibrations during use.

  • It comes with a large work table.
  • It produces consistent and even stitches at very high speed.
  • It provides perfect stitches and good tension.
  • It is also perfect for tailoring and dressmaking.
  • The automatic needle threader is difficult to use.
  • You can't do a Zigzag stitch here.

Factors for Choosing a Long Arm Quilting Machine

Does this interest you to buy a long arm quilting machine? If yes, then you should know the parameters that make for an informed purchase. Here they are for you:

Easy to work with

If you love quilting and want your every experience with it to be a breeze, use one that has easy to use thread paths, good table design and one-touch controls. You're sure to find this in a long arm quilting machine, so go for it.


Find out about the total number of stitches inbuilt into the machine. Now, match that with your need for a long arm quilting machine.

Stitch regulator

By far the most sought-after feature of a long arm quilting machine, a stitch regulator provides you with consistent length stitches at several quilting speeds. If the machine you're interested in has two stitch regulation modes, that's fine.

Stitch control

Check out the extent of control you will need for the length and width of each stitch.

Throat space

The throat space of a quilting machine will determine whether you have enough room to sew on it at home or not. Another way to find this out is to check the machine's table size.

Speed adjustment

The faster you sew, the more time-saving the machine. So, before you buy a machine, check out its speed and whether that suits your needs.

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Look for lightweight machines as they are easy to carry around. If a machine is heavy, it will take its toll on your back, arms and neck. The weight should not exceed 30 kg.


Find out all details concerning the warranty of these products since they are expensive.


This is a highly ignored factor, but an important one because these specialty machines are costly. So, when you buy a quilting machine, check out long arm quilting machine prices and compare them with their peers.

Final Verdict

With a clearer idea of the features your quilting machine should have, you can buy a long arm quilting machine to suit your abilities. 

With technology offering more features that help you and models becoming more and more feature-enabled, it pays to read long arm quilting machine reviews before making your final choice.

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