Best Serger Reviews – Updated for 2018/2019

Want to buy an all-rounder Serger machine? Certainly, the Serger reviews narrated here will help you a lot in purchasing the best serging machine best suitable for you out of the leading brands.

Before buying the best Serger, we strongly recommend that you need to consider a few realistic factors like budget, performance, maintenance, and the overall professional ability of the Serger machine regarding producing the quality cover stitch.

Buying a Serger sewing machine is not like buying a traditional sewing machine. It is obviously a one step ahead purchase as these machines are used mostly by sewing pros. The intricacy and inbuilt utility features make the selection a little fussy because options are many but have to buy one only out of many. 

Best Comparison Table for Serger Machines

Best Overall
Brother 1034D
Brother 1034D
Coverstitch Capability: 3mm and 6mm
Thread Capability: 2-3-4
Speed (SPM): 1500
Tension Adjustment: Manual
Other Special Features: Chain stitch capability
Best Portable
Juki MO654DE
Juki MO654DE
Coverstitch Capability: All overlock and flatlock variations.
Thread Capability: 2-3-4
Speed (SPM): 1500
Tension Adjustment: Manual
Other Special Features: Color-coded threading, Powerful knife system
Best Cover Stitch
Janome CoverPro 1000CPX
Coverstitch Capability: 3 thread & 4 thread triple cover stitch Source:
Thread Capability: 2-3-4
Speed (SPM): 1000
Tension Adjustment: Manual
Other Special Features: Chain stitch, Adjustable presser foot, Seam Tightening System(STS)
If you are looking for a versatile but budget-friendly Serger sewing machine, SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine is one of the best baits you may count on. It is a reasonably priced portable Serger sewing machine that works consistently well. It is low on maintenance as well. The prime features of this Serger according to Serger review are utility ones and quite user-friendly.
Coverstitch Capability: 3 or 4 thread
Thread Capability: 2-3-4
Speed (SPM): 1100-1500
Tension Adjustment: Manual
Other Special Features: Color indicators, Micro safety switch free arm sewing
Middle Ranges
Brother 2340CV
Brother 2340CV
Coverstitch Capability: Wide and narrow cover stitches
Thread Capability: 2-3-4
Speed (SPM): 1100
Differential Feed: Useful
Tension Adjustment: Manual
Other Special Features:
Professional Support
Singer 14T968DC
Singer 14T968DC
Coverstitch Capability: Narrow, wide, triple
Thread Capability: 2-3-4-5
Speed (SPM): 1300
Tension Adjustment: Auto
Other Special Features: Adjustable cutting- width, stitch length control, & color-coded threading
Top High End
Juki MO 1000
Juki MO 1000
Coverstitch Capability: 5 thread cover stitch
Thread Capability: 2-3-4
Speed (SPM): 1500
Tension Adjustment: Manual
Other Special Features: User-friendly, noiseless, accessory compatible

Features of the best Serger Machines

Before you start virtual marketing strolling for serger reviews by close viewing the best Sergers, let’s take a quick view about the features of the best Sergers in the market. Some of the quintessential qualities of a serging machine are:

  • Check if the Serger machine is a built-in 2-4 model or a 3-4 model: if you are looking for more versatility, you may look for a 2-3-4 Serger model.
  • Check the number of the thread: it should be at least four and 8 in its highest number.
  • Check if the feature of auto threading is available.
  • The best Sergers are built mostly with automatic tension facility.
  • Check the availability of necessary accessories: a multi-purpose foot, tweezers, pack of needles, screwdrivers, scissors, oil, cleaning brush, or a hex wrench are mostly available with a standard Serger sewing machine.

Based on the scale of the most wanted features of the standard Sergers according to Serger sewing machine review done by real-life users and consumer market feedback, we have summarized 7 high rated the very best Sergers available in the market. Let's take each one of them from a closer serger review aspect.

Best Overall

Brother 1034D Serger Review

Brother 1034D Serger is a versatile Serger, which you can safely call the best serger for the money invested.

It works on a 3/4 lay-in thread scheme with lower looper threader. This Serger machine offers several stitching options including stitches like 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, fine hem, trundled hem, and ribbon lock stitches.

Users can sew blind hem pin tuck as well as flat lock stitches. However, users need to buy presser feet separately. Besides necessary details, let's start checking its prime features.

  • The Serger is built on easy threading system: it adds to the user-friendliness of the serging machine.
  • There is a differential bid for adjusting stitches according to the texture of the fabric
  • Retractable knife blade: it helps in adding perfection to its finishing or for trimming the edge
  • It is moderately weighted: 8 lbs.
  • The machine comes with LED light fitted for the convenience of working even at light compromised place.
  • The serging machine can produce 1300stitches/minute.
  • The machine has a storage space for keeping all its accessories. 
  • It has the free arm to expand the working/stitching area.
  • The serging machine comes with thread tension control feature for hassle-free stitching.
  • The differential fabric feed, according to serger reviews from clients, offers better stitch quality on almost all types of fabric and materials. 
  • It's user-friendly, uncomplicated, and hassle-free to use.
  • Simplicity and the supportive instructional material is a plus.
  • The color-coded thread system is a definite advantage for beginners.
  • Three/Four Threads for creating stitches of professional quality.
  • Affordability is a definite advantage.
  • Hem ability is limited
  • Rolled hems stitching facility can only be used on some specific fabrics, 
  • Controls on the left side may trouble for adjusting left side controls.
  • The machine may not be useful for sewing thicker or heavier materials.
  • The instructional video is made with lower resolution.

Best Portable Serger

Juki MO654DE Review

Concerning smart look and portability, Juki MO654DE is one of the best but cheap Sergers available in the market. However, portability is not the only USP of this serger machine, rather it is loaded with some more utility features that you can trust.


  • Adaptable 2-3-4 thread serging with programmed rolled hem ability.
  • Color-coded threading and nonaligned looper for easy and accurate threading.
  • The upper knife can move in multi-directions for safer and easier threading access.
  • Stitch length and differential feed adjustment tools are located on the outside of the machine for ease of use.
  • The knife modification can be adjusted for maintaining project to project consistency.
  • This serger is built with a multipurpose foot for sewing a wide variety of stitches and products including all types of tapes and elastics.
  • Safety features include a micro-safety switch to lock out the machine motor when the side cover is open for threading.
  • Wide varieties of optional presser feet can be fixed for managing activities like cording, blind stitch, piping, gathering, etc.
  • Portability is one of the prime features of The JUKI MO654DE
  • The included safety switch automatically disables the machine’s motor
  • The Juki MO654DE gives users a creative versatility 
  • The machine allows making decorative effects with layers 
  • Easy makers of sleeves, necklines, and skirts.
  • The JUKI MO654DE is light in weight 
  • Unpredictable threading is a big problem

Best Cover Stitch

Janome CoverPro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine

If you have to write an honest Serger review of the Janome CoverPro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine, the first advantage you will have from this Serger sewing machine is its quality of cover stitch.

It is not exactly a versatile sewing machine for professionals, but for expert domestic sewers, it is an all stop solution for their sewing needs. Concerning this Janome Serger review, it is a perfect balance of sewing machine serger combo with some most utility features:

  • Seam tightening system (STS) is a prime advantage of using this machine.
  • Convertible free arm adds added convenience to work.
  • Chain stitch can be sewed.
  • The machine can be used for 3mm double needle cover stitch, 6mm double needle cover stitch, and 6mm triple needle cover stitch.
  • The Serger machine offers output up to 1,000 stitches/minute.
  • Superior needle system is an added privilege.
  • Mega bed space, which is the largest workspace available on the market, 4" x 5.5" on a Serger.
  • Vertical needle drop, tension release device, and facility of foot pressure adjustment are meant for users comfort.
  • Stitch length and differential feed dials located on the cover for easy handling.
  • Availability of One-hand thread cutter.
  • Quick and easy to thread, which makes it the best serger for beginners.
  • Creates specialty stitches with excellent quality.
  • Simple to understand onboard tutorial graphics.
  • Reliable for big projects.
  • Larger bed for the added convenience of the sewers.
  • Not so many options available for usage.
  • Its cheap thread is not appreciable.
  • It offers average stitch speed, which is a drawback.

Budget-Friendly Serger

SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine Review

If you are looking for a versatile but budget-friendly Serger sewing machine, SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine is one of the best baits you may count on.

It is a reasonably priced portable Serger sewing machine that works consistently well. It is low on maintenance as well. The prime features of this Serger according to Serger review are utility ones and quite user-friendly.


  • The serger machine comes with 2 Needles and convertible 3 or 4 thread.
  • It is built with free-arm sewing, convertible presser foot, and differential feed mechanism. 
  • The in-built light for an illuminated work area has added to its user convenience.
  • The machine comes with a color-coded threading chart for faster and easier threading.
  • Differential feed is consistently functional in preventing the production of wavy seams in knitted fabrics and unwanted movement between the fabric layers.
  • The differential feed also takes care for pucker-free seams on fine textured fabrics.
  • A machine adjustment chart is available for helping you to sew beautifully: the chart helps in adjusting stiffness and thickness of fabric, concurrent thread size, and type.
  • Good Output due to the quality of stitches.
  • The powerful motor of the machine is a significant advantage.
  • It is functional in an all-rounder way, but it is priced reasonable.
  • Lightweight of the machine is a distinct advantage.
  • Free arm of the Serger will allow more workspace.
  • Limited Warranty this Serger Machine is a negative point.
  • User Manual offers limited instructional information,
  • Instructions may not be sufficient for beginners.
  • The plastic quality used in this machine is not at par.

Best Middle Ranges

Brother 2340CV Review

Brother 2340CV is a versatile Serger machine that is good to use, and it is made with some features that are available in high-end expensive serging machines.

It sews really fast, and one can enjoy 1100 stitches/minute, and its looper system is quite easy to use. The machine is compatible with multi types of stitching functions due to different utility features.

  • You can make a two-thread double chain stitch, wide 6 mm, double, or triple needle cover stitch.
  • The machine has a quick and user-friendly looper threading system, which is scientifically color coded.
  • Stitch length varies between 2 mm and 4 mm.
  • The machine offers perfect lay- in threading facility.
  • There is a one-hand thread cutter for ease of use.
  • Upright needle drop.
  • Slide lever regulator is available for differential feed.
  • Free-arm sewing for easiness of sewing sleeve, cuffs, and pant hems.
  • Extremely fast, capable of doing up to 1,000 stitches per minute.
  • Presser foot pressure can be adjusted.
  • The machine is easy to set up and use,
  • sewers can do both stitch cover and chain stitches,
  • Very fast: it can produce up to 1000 stitches per minute, which is a standard output,
  • The differential feed is handy for eliminating wavy stitches.
  • The machine offers professional finish.
  • The machine does not have a free arm,
  • work area is compromised
  • It has no facility of thread auto tension
  • No adjustable pressure foot is available for use.

Best Professional Support for Serging

Singer 14T968DC Review

The brand name of Singer is globally famous as Singer sewing machines are extraordinarily competent and functional, so is the singer 14T968DC model.

It is a versatile Serger machine that works fast, offers narrow, wide, and triple thread ability. The machine is capable of producing 1300 stitches per minute and is equipped with multifaceted features that stand for its consistent performance and standard functionality.

Another advantage of buying this Singer product is its good service support if needed. Spare parts are easily available too.


  • The Singer 14T968DC Serger machine has 2-3-4-5 thread competence offering an extensive collection of stitch options for verities of projects with specialized results every time.
  • The Singer Serger runs on a self-adjusting tension system. You need to turn the specific dial to choose the chart, as well as the tension settings for the stitches, are modified repeatedly.
  • The SINGER sewing machine operates in a sewing speed of 1,300 stitches/minute, so projects can be completed fast.
  • The SINGER Professional can convert to the rolled hem sewing mode. A simple access lever moves the stitch finger in the right position for doing rolled hemming.
  • The serger machine can stitch seams, hems, rolled hems, decorative edges, cover hems, and many more.
  • Quick swapping between cover-stitching and overlook
  • Feature-rich serger machine
  •  The machine is compatible with useful accessories
  • High-speed stitching is the USP of the sewing machine.
  • Sometime auto tension feature may start malfunctioning.
  • It’s may not be suitable for beginners.

Top High End

Juki MO 1000 Review

Juki MO 1000 is one of the best overlock sewing machines available in the market, which we feel, knows versatile sewing and serging job pretty well. It is costly enough, but if you are looking for a high-end serging machine without budget constraint, perhaps this is one of the best Serger sewing machines for you.

Stitches available on this best Serger from the house of Juki are 4-thread, 3-thread overlock, 2-thread overcast, 3-thread rolled hem, 3-thread narrow overlock, frill 3-thread rolled hem with differential feed, and 3-thread flat-lock. 

Besides stitches, the premium features of Juki MO 1000, one of the top Sergers, are explained here.


  • Automatic needle threader: it is easier to manage threading with this serger.
  • Adjustable differential feed: managing differential feed with this Juki Model is hassle-free.
  • Upper looper 2/3 thread converter: ease and skilled functionality of the versatile Juki Serger machine are commendable. 
  • The serger can be adjusted Up to 8 mm by presser foot lift and by modifying adjustable pressure foot pressure
  • Folding cutting blade (knife) is available.
  • Programmed rolled hem facility is available.
  • Cutting facility with adjusting dial is present in the serger.
  • Finger guard for enhanced protection is an added advantage.
  • Thread trimmer for ease of threading is fitted in the serger.
  • Easiest threading is available in this Serger
  • Stitch quality is all time uncompromised.
  • Premium build quality results in excellent durability 
  • Quiet and stable for noiseless operation.
  • Push button air threading is for easy threading management.
  • Its versatility justifies its purchase.
  • Does not have automatic tension adjuster,
  • The waste collector is not that effective.

Final Verdict

Hope this Serger reviews related information will help you in finding and buying the best Serger for your sewing projects. Let us know if our information and suggestion regarding top serger machines reviews have worked well for your purchase. Hopefully, all these 7 sergers will be rated as the best sergers 2019 due to their premium features, durability, efficiency, and affordability in comparison to functionality.