Coverstitch machine vs. Serger – Differences & Similarities

Both Coverstitch and Serger models are sewing machines and are used for doing creative sewing projects. These two sewing machines are quite different in their functionalities and sewing effect. But surprisingly, these two sewing machine models look somehow similar.

Before we start comparing these two sewing machine models from the aspect of difference and similarities, let's take a quick look at the basic intro of these two machines from the aspect of similarities and dissimilarities.

The Serger Machine Models

Serger Machine Models

This machine model is also known as overlocker, and it adds a tidy look and practices flawless finishing to hems, sleeves, seams, as well it helps in managing raw edges with excellent finishing, etc. Furthermore, Serger machine is used for accurate trimming of seam allowances.

Mostly build with two needles, this machine can hold up to eight thread spools. Moreover, they run faster delivering almost 1700 stitches per minute.

The Coverstich Machine

Coverstich Machine

A coverstitch machine is used for putting a flawless finish on hems on knit fabrics. Furthermore, the machine can create locked as well as stretchable seams. Moreover, the models of this machine are used for attaching lace, elastic, and other trims to attire or in a sewing job, etc.

Coverstitch Machine vs. Serger – Differences

Coverstitch Machine

Working Area

Working area,which is designated by the needle plate surface with side cover of a Coverstitchmachine, is bigger than any working table used in Serger.

The working area of a Serger machine is positioned only on the left side in relation to a sewing needle. Needle plate is slimmer, and the related side cover is smaller.

The work area of the Coverstich machine is larger than a Serger machine.


The coverstitch machine has only one looper.

Every Serger sewing machine is built with two loopers. But it can work with one looper and even use two threads only (top and bottom).

The output of a Serger machine is cleaner and stable than Coverstich.


The coverstitch variant of a sewing machine has four blades.

Serger machines are built with two blades.

Number of Needles

Coverstitch machines are generally built with three needles.

Old Serger machines were built with one needle previously. Modern Serger machines are made with two needles.

Stitching speed is better in acoverstitch machine than a Serger machine.

Availability of Knife

A coverstitch machine has no knife.

The Serger machines invariably feature two cutting knives which trim uneven fabric edges.

The knife in the Serger machines results in better stitching finishing.


The coverstitchsewing machine often is used for hemming of garments that are sewn of knitted fabrics.

Serger sewing machine is used only to serge edges of fabrics with simultaneous trimming them.

Effect of stitching is entirely different.

Coverstitch Machine vs. Serger: Similarities

Coverstitch Machine


A Coverstitch machine has an adaptable differential feed with a typical control dial.

A Serger machine is fitted with a regulating differential feed with a unique control dial.

Both the variants are stable regarding use.


unique needles are used, which is found mentioned and specified in the manufacturer's manual.

Unique and customized needles are used in Coverstich machine are used in Serger varieties of the machine. The specifications are found mentioned in the manual.

Needles are machine specific hence it is essential to check the availability of the spare parts.


A coverstitch machine can work on the sleek and smooth surface.

The Coverstitch machine can work with fine and strong threads.

The Coverstitch machine is built with a free arm and an adjustable pressure foot.

A Serger can work on the smooth and sleek surface.

The Serger machine can work with fine and strong threads.

The Serger models include a free arm and an adjustable pressure foot for ease of use.

Coverstitch machine vs. Serger

While both Coverstitch and Serger machines are working assets regardless, he/she is an amateur or professional tailor, both the machines have their own set of advantages and limitations. Unless you are an expert tailor or a master stitcher, investment for buying a coverstitch machine may be an extravaganza.

Most of the creative stitching projects can be done on a double-needle sewing or embroidery machine, which has the privilege of multiple stitch options: there a coverstitch machine can be an option.

But Serger machines are an essential sewing helper that even a beginner will need for producing strong, locked seams, hems, secure seams, edge finishes, and decorative stitches at a faster speed with more beautiful output than usual.

A Serger machine can work as a master trimmer of fabric edge with robotic efficiency while and there is hardly any requirement of manual intervention.

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