How To Make Your Own Quilt Design Wall Or Where To Get One

Why Do You Need a Quilting Wall?

When you embark on the fascinating journey to quilting, you realize the need to inspect the work from time to time. Sometimes you want to confirm that the combination of your chosen colors work fine, together or to detect the flaws in layering.

You can’t always ask others; to carry your patches whenever you need them to. You can’t occupy the bed, at bedtime, barring everyone from using the bed. For this, you always need a vertical stand or an empty and a white wall.

Usually, people use any empty wall of their homes for their quilting purpose. But the walls, become dirty due to constant human touch & pasting or pinning the patches.

This is especially troublesome for those who stay at rent. Sometimes there aren’t any walls available at all.

Why do you need a Quilting wall

Benefits of a Portable Quilting Wall

Artificial Designing wall for quilters is a boon as they can use it whenever they wish. The free standing design walls can be used anywhere in the room. You can place them at your studio. You can use them at home. You can even use them to teach quilting.

If you’re an avid quilter, on the edge of completing your work, a journey can surely, disturb your routine. Here, a retractable quit design wall is the answer to all your problems, here.

Yes, these designing walls for quilters are collapsible, portable & light in weight to carry them anywhere, without much fuss. They can ease & speed up your quilting process. You won’t need anyone to carry your patches around.

You can carry a portable quilt design wall, with the rest of your luggage. You can make the most of your journey quilting away to your destination.

How to Choose a Portable Quilting Wall?

Well, talking about the portable designing walls, there are many models available in the stores but if you don’t want to ransack every single shop out there, to find something durable, just go the tried and the tested way. You can always choose from the reputed brands.

Trust me these brands are there for a reason & the reputation is just not a publicity stunt. There’s one thing, you cannot buy, you need to earn & that’s reputation.

So, if these brands are well known, there must be a pretty good reason for that. Some of the familiar names like Fons & Porter design wall or the Cheryl Ann’s portable design wall are pretty much the worth the cost.

Some of The Popular Models

There are some models of designing walls from established brands, which are quite popular, amongst the quilting geniuses & rookies alike.

If you’re building a quilting blanket, you can go for the 60”×72” Fons & Porter Design wall; it’s a free standing design wall perfect for huge quilting. The wall, portable and lightweight, can be used from anywhere.

Fons & Porter Design Wall

The model consists of a durable flannel, with 2 inch grid lines and 45 degree angle. The wall is lightweight and easily portable. It can be handy for teaching as well.

If you’re into some class, then the Classy American quilt design wall is definitely your cup of tea. The company is run by quilting experts. Hence they work, keeping the needs and problems of the quilting fans, in mind.

They’ve 2 sizes to offer, a regular size & a jumbo size. They come equipped with a durable mount with high quality roller shade parts. The parts are therefore quite long-lasting.

You can easily use it, to arrange quilting blocks, patches & quilting sections without any pins or adhesive, thanks to the angle. This one is for those, who don’t want the fuss of glue or pins, while quilting.

If you’re into more varieties, sizes and of course durability then Cheryl Ann’s portable quilt design wall will be the best catch for you.

The plus point is that it’s available almost anywhere on the globe. The free standing design wall is available in a big size, 72” in white.

Cheryl Anns Quilting Design Wall - 72 White

If you take your sewing machine stand or table as your work station then, a standard Quilt design wall will definitely eat up your space. Cheryl Ann’s have got an option for you. You can buy there 18” white portable design wall for the table.

This one is smaller in size plus ideal for quilting in small rooms like a sewing machine stand or a small table.

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