How You Can Become Mastery In Sewing Machine

The aspiration to be a professional in sewing job doesn’t always require college degree. Before being expert of a machine, you need to understand every part’s contribution in sewing, the functions and the maintenance course of action.

If you find these components complex if you are unaware about the usage. In bellow you will discover the plot to become sewing expert.
mastery in sewing machine

Know the tools of the machine

If you go on a war with a gun and if you don’t know how to fire, loading and reloading bullets, you will not survive. It’s like fighting a war blindfolded your hands tied behind. Knowing all the parts of the sewing machine will enhance your skills to complete the job effectively and efficiently.

Know the tools of the machine

If you failed to identify the functions of bobbin, you could ruin the art. There are several parts of the machine in which some are most important.

Thread Guidance and Tools

The very first important part of the machine is the spool pin. The basic function of this tool is to holds the spool of thread. You also need to understand the instruction printed over the machine is to threading direction from spool pin to the bobbin winder.

The bobbin winder

Beside the roll pin, there is another plastic metal pin through which bobbin can be winded with full thread.

Adjustment button for stitching

It’s normally a small round wheel, and placed in the front of the machine. The major function of this wheel is to fix the stitching direction and the length of the stitch. You can sewing forward or reverse it with its help. Reading the user manual would be best before handling this tool.

The thread take-up lever

You will find this lever on the front side and the top over the needle paddle. Before threading the needle, the thread will go through this lever so that it can pull the thread after each stitch. You shall understand the direction printed for this lever.

Tension dial

It is another wheel which controls the tension of the thread. Loosing this tension will loop the thread at the bottom of the fabric and if the tension is tight, the needle will pull to the right.

Pressure foot

Before sewing, you need to pull the lever down to hold the fabric. It found at the under the under the needle clamp screw.

Bobbin compartment and placing

Just below the needle, there is a small compartment in which you need to keep the bobbin and pull the edge of the thread by round dial/wheel towards you for few times.

Inserting needle

You also need to learn how to insert the needle and while installing make sure that the groove must face the direction from which the needle is threaded.

Sewing the machine

After selecting the stitch length practice on the scrap to see everything is perfect or not. And then you should place the stitching line just under the needle and pull the needle lever down so that the needle paddle holds the fabric. After starting stitching hold the thread for while until you catch the pace and line of stitch.

Sewing the machine

It’s very important to understand the functional part of the swing machine and how you can take necessary actions while any uneven stitching situation arises. These skills will lead you to become proficient in sewing.

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