Janome Serger Reviews For 2022

A stitching machine is one of the essential requirements of any household. Every time you want to add a few designs to your plain skirt, or if there is a small tear in your pant, you cannot rush to a tailor. Discarding something that is new or your favorite is also not an option.

Having a Serger Sewing machine at home can absolve all these issues quickly. Our Janome serger review will help you choose the right Janome Serger for you.

The first and foremost worry is the choice of the sewing machine for you. It is always best to choose a Sewing machine, and serger in one as that can help you do additional professional sewing works other than the simple sewing only.

Janome Serger machine is one of the most preferred brands available in the market to choose among all the top-rated sergers.

Best Comparison Table for Janome Serger

Janome MyLock 634D
Type of Tension: Manual
Tension Release Lever: Yes
Color Coded Thread Guides: Yes
Retractable Upper Knife: No
Feed Adjustment: 1 To 5mm
Flip Needle System: No
Thread Guide: Yes
Maximum Speed: 1,300 spm
Type of Tension: Manual
Tension Release Lever: No
Color Coded Thread Guides: Yes
Retractable Upper Knife: Yes
Feed Adjustment: 0.5-2.25
Flip Needle System: No
Thread Guide: Yes
Maximum Speed: 1,300 spm
Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX
Type of Tension: Manual
Tension Release Lever: No
Color Coded Thread Guides: Yes
Retractable Upper Knife: No
Feed Adjustment: 0.5-2.25
Flip Needle System: No
Thread Guide: No
Maximum Speed: 1,000 spm

Best Janome Serger Reviews

Janome Serger reviews consist of 3 top selling Serger machines currently available in the market. Besides the top-rated Janome Sergers, Brother Sergers has also been reviewed as one of the best. This Serger comparison will make it easier for you to understand the exact right Serger required for your home or business.

If you are thinking to learn how to sew professionally, then you need to buy a reliable sewing machine that can work on intricate patterns and designs efficiently. There are many different kinds of machines with unique and various functions for every model. The differential features can be confusing for many, especially the one who is buying their first professional Serger.

Janome MyLock 634D is one of the only Serger with automatic threading. Being an Auto thread Serger makes it easy to work with, especially while working on intricate patterns and lockings. It is also trouble for those who haven't used a sewing machine ever before.

The Brother 3234DT 2/3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed Review will make it easier for you to choose the right serger machine. It is one of the best self-threading sergers currently available.

Janome MyLock 634D Serger is reliable and easy to get accustomed with. It comes with a high performance 2, 3 or 4 thread serger that helps to provides professional edge finishing. It can also create ruffles, decorative edges, and gathers join laces, serge narrow sleeves, spaghetti straps, and more.

The fast-paced stitches can help in finishing the work faster, which is a mandatory requirement of a professional stitch business. The multiple thread inputs are easily detected due to the color coding rollers on the Serger.

Features –

  • 0.5 – 2.2 differential feed ratio.
  • Convenient thread cutter.
  • Easy rolled hem change-over.
  • Lay-in Tension Dial.
  • Easy upper knife release.
  • Adjustable cutting width: 3.1 – 5.1mm.
  • Easy lower looper threading.
  • Differential feed.
  • Changeable thread guide.
  • Front and back needle guard.
  • Retractable upper knife.
  • Snap-on adjustable Presser Foot.
  • Color-coded thread guides.
  • Snap-on presser feet.
  • Multiple additional built-in features.
  • Versatile, silent and flawless.
  • Small and compact, thus taking minimum space.
  • Works well on Woolen and knitted products.
  • Is the most expensive Serger model of Janome.
  • No on board storage unit for storing minut tools and thread.

If you are looking for a sewing machine that is affordable and for doing multiple stitching variations, then Janome 8002D Serger is the right sewing machine for you. Janome 8002D Serger offers many quality options at an affordable price thus making it the most preferred choice for home and business purpose. It is one of the most preferred loose thread serger available in the market.

It is effortless to use even for beginners they will find much value with this sewing machine. No matters how much experience do you have you can easily use it. The adjustable cutting width allows for the options that experienced users always want. Janome 8002D Serger manual helps in assisting one with the intricate details of the adjustments and patterns whenever needed.

The primary feature of the automatic threading serger is that you will go to enjoy is when you will look at this particular sewing machine's color-coded threading chart. There are many challenges that the beginners have to face while using this sewing machine like figuring out how to properly thread it, starting at the bobbin.

A Single three thread Serger and the four thread Serger model variation are available too. Many machines have designs that are very difficult to use for the new one, and you can't do those things correctly. However, Janome 8002D being a self-threading Serger makes the job easier.

Features –

  • 1300 stitches per minute.
  • Adjustable cutting width from 3.1mm to 7.3mm.
  • Retractable upper knife.
  • Snap-on presser feet.
  • Left/right needle thread tension dial.
  • Upper/lower thread tension dial.
  • Differential feed dial.
  • Stitch length dial.
  • Spool stand.
  • Spool Pin.
  • Thread guide bar.
  • Thread guide.
  • Pressure adjustable screw.
  • Presser's foot.
  • Needle plate setting knob.
  • Thread cutter.
  • Presser foot lifter.
  • Upper knife release knob.
  • Cutting width adjustment dial.
  • Is perfect for beginners.
  • Relatively easier stitching speed control.
  • Optional accessories available for cording and piping foot.
  • Covers 1000 stitches a minute.
  • Additional instruction DVD for better assistance.
  • Do not work on heavier material like canvas.
  • Does not have an automatic tension.
  • Cutter blade is manual.

A cover stitch machine is essential for anybody who is looking to achieve a professional finish in their design. Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Cover stitch Machine has an innovative design, and it is based on the marriage of an industrial-style cover hem machine and a convenient home machine.

It is straightforward to use, and it helps you to do your work faster and comfortably. The modern designed machine has high speed, a long arm, and a rather heavy-duty cover. Though it is very similar to a universal sewing machine, It has a wide trip cover hem stitch and an exclusive free arm configuration.

When you compare sergers, learning how to use a Janome Serger is comparatively more comfortable than other variants. The Janome's Seam Tightening System is the recent most up gradation of the model Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX, and it is the most advanced Cover Hem machine which is available in the market. CoverPro is a cover hem stitch machine without any other serge, overlock, or rolled hem stitches.

The specific feature does not cut the material do not cut or distort the material while sewing on a fold to hem or further into the fabric for decorative cover hemstitching.

You can easily use the cone threads usually associated with a serger, on Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX. The most preferred choice of cone thread is Maxi-Lock. It produces less lint than the no-name brands sold at fabric retailers.

The slight price differential is all right if it causes fewer problems with the machine. The Janome cover Pro 1000CPX is one of the best Serger for heavy fabric stitching.

Features –

  • Seam Tightening System™ (STS).
  • Convertible free arm.
  • Chain stitch.
  • 3mm double needle cover stitch.
  • 6mm double needle cover stitch.
  • 6mm triple needle cover stitch.
  • Sews up to 1,000 stitches per minute.
  • Superior needle system.
  • Extra large bed space - largest workspace on the market: 4" x 5.5."
  • Vertical needle drop.
  • Tension release device.
  • Foot pressure adjustment.
  • Presser foot lifter positioned behind the needle.
  • Variable differential feed ratio: 0.5 - 2.25.
  • Variable stitch length: 1-5mm.
  • Stitch length and differential feed dials located on the cover for easy handling.
  • One-hand thread cutter.
  • More extensive neck space between needles allow better hem stitch.
  • Relatively less noisy than the other variants.
  • Upgraded release button for more comfortable and quicker clipping of thread.
  • Longer arm for easy handling.
  • The absence of seam guide.
  • The foot pedal quality needs improvement.


The Janome Serger reviews included all the technical aspects of each of the top-rated Janome Sergers along with the specific small drawbacks the sergers may or may not have. Based on the description one can easily choose the Serger suitable for his or her need.

The Janome Sergers are a definite requirement for any household, especially if you are a creative soul, who loves to experiment with designs and stitch work.

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