Juki MO 1000 Serger Review

Product quality is the underlying theme of all Juki sergers, so it's no wonder that this one too was made with quality in mind. Today, Juki MO 1000 remains one of the best machines with the MO-1000 Serger. Not only is it robust but it's also user-friendly and full of useful features for anyone interested in serging.

It has several features that set it apart from others in its category, one being that it offers variations of the stitches provided by its more expensive peers.

Let's take a close look at this serging wonder:

Juki MO 1000

Specifications -

  • Speed: 1,500 stitches per minute.
  • Threads: 2-3-4.
  • Light: LED.
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Colour-coded: Yes.
  • Dimensions: 15.4'' x 15.2'' x 16.3''.

Juki MO 1000 Serger Features

Stitch Options:

This machine is outfitted with seven stitch options which include:

  • 2- 3-4-thread overlock stitch.
  • 3-thread narrow overlock stitch.
  • 3-thread rolled hem stitch.
  • 3-thread flatlock stitch.
  • 3-thread lettuce-edge rolled hem stitch, using the adjustable differential feed feature.

All these stitches are firm, secure and perfectly done. Stitch widths include a right needle-adjustable width ranging between 3 mm and 7 mm and a left needle width ranging between 5 mm and 9 mm, and a 2 mm rolled hem stitch. Each stitch length can be adjusted to a maximum of 4 mm.

Jet-Air Threading:

In this Serger machine, there are two holes to thread the needle easily--a big boon for users. A gust of air pushes the threads of the lower looper instantly.

This makes using the upper loopers very easy--all it takes is to use the color-coded guides that feed about nine to 12 inches into the opening accurately, by pressing the “Air” button and letting the automatic needle threader carry out its function.

This happens so smoothly that you might well call this model a Juki self threading serger.

Automatic Needle Threader:

To use this feature, lower the lever for threading, hook the thread and leave the lever so that the action of threading a serger is complete.

Adjustable Differential Feed:

The adjustable differential feed ensures that the user gets perfect stitches, irrespective of whether the fabric used is sheer or thick, or a stretchy knit or snake skin. Lizard skin. Typically, the feed can be adjusted during running the machine. At this time, it will provide a ratio of 0.7 mm to 2 mm.

Easily Accessible Controls:

The length of the stitch and the controls for differential feed are conveniently situated on the right side of the machine. This gives the user easy access to the control so that necessary changes can be made quickly without stopping work.

Spacious Throat Area Of Fabrics:

The height of the throat is now fixed at 72.4 mm, giving the user more work room.

Silent operations:

This model was specially designed to be quiet, unlike other machines in this category. So, there is minimal vibration and operational noise while using it.

LED Light:

An LED light has been provided as part of the machine to light up the needle space. It is long-lasting, energy-efficient and has an eco-friendly bulb that won't heat up and burn you even if you use the machine for a protracted period.

Easy to use:

This machine is so easy to use that you won't ever need to use the manual or the instructional DVD for threading.

Long thread cutter:

Its long knife blade gives clean and perfect cuts in sheer or thick fabric layers. Here, retracting the knife blade refers to serge without really cutting the material.


This model comes with a 25-year warranty on mechanical parts, a two-year warranty on electrical parts and a year's warranty on labor.


  • This model is user-friendly, whether a beginner uses it or an expert.
  • This "air threading serger'' makes using it a breeze.
  • It works quietly and perfectly. 


  • It doesn't have too many stitching options.
  • The user manual isn't as informative as the DVD.

Should you buy this product?

With the MO-1000, craftspeople can work not just faster but also very quietly, producing sturdy stitches along the way. Threading is also much easier now. This is a robust machine that uses the best technology for the common man's ease of use.

The user's safety is also taken into account here. Lastly, its affordability is yet another reason why this the Juki MO 1000 is an industry leader in its category.

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