Mechanical Vs. Computerized Sewing Machine – Which One Should I Use??

Today you will find most of the sewing machines are run by electricity. But that does not decrease the need of mechanical machine and its importance’s in our daily life. As a user, you are the best to decide according to your need. Based on the controls of sewing, the need for invention and modification arises. Let’s look at the main difference based on usage of machine.

The first difference, you already know is the power sources of those machine. In mechanical it requires human strength to run whereas the automated machine runs by the power of electricity. Mechanical machine are very easy to use where a novice will find a little bit difficult in using an automated machine. 

Mechanical Vs. Computerized Sewing Machine

The mechanical machine

mechanical sewing machine

You need to control and adjust most of the functions manually in mechanical machine. You will control the speed of the machine by foot paddle. To give more pace, put more pressure on the foot paddle and it will run fast.

Sometimes working on the machine will consume more time and you have to go for long trial and error process before starting the project. Though it is user friendly, the complexity of your project may lead frustration. If you failed to make the plan of your work, the usage of the machine may ruin your project.

You have to control different functional parts like: knobs, twist knobs, lever, the stitches length, position of needle and sewing direction manually. Wrong adjustment of control and thread tension will not produce stitches perfectly, rather it will lose to hold or too tight so that the fabric bunches.

If you are striving for low budget this type of machine will be a good choice. Since the functions are quite easy to learn and if you not tend to use this machine very frequently, try mechanical machine.

The computerize machine

Computerized Sewing Machine

It has many automatic features. In electronic machine knobs, twist knobs, lever, the stitches length, position of needle and sewing direction can be control automatically. If you change the regulator, it will start acting accordingly.

Stitch length, width of your zigzag, decorative stitches will also be controllable. For a neater finish, it has automated features as “locking stitch” which will finish your stitching underneath. This machine type will give you many options in stitching including symbols or numbers.

It can fulfill the need for creating beautiful crafts and can also create elaborate embroidery patterns which are very important for setting of a small home business that sells handmade goods.

You will get many buttonholes, which will help to create perfect buttonhole every time and besides that you can control the speed. Though this machine comes with great importance, it has some disadvantages which may control your buying need.

Many features may confuse you. Since its little bit expensive, it may increase your frustration if you failed to use all its features.

Sewing is not only useful; it’s a source of great pleasure. You will desire to use the machine type depending on the intended projects, terminology, and the features you will need. Choose your ideal machine and keep enjoying the work.

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