Priorities Your Need Before Buying A Sewing Machine

If your are new in the sewing game, you need to put your urgency requirements in a synchronize manner. You always can get hours of fun, creativity and may be a new career. In hence you have to weight your need before investment. You should match the machine’s feature with your demand.

Let’s talk about your sewing status.   

Who need it?

Consider your sewing experiences before weighting your need. You have to understand your experience level. Do you consider yourself as a beginner, novice, or advanced? Depending on your expertise you will choose the product features and its outcome.

Why you need that machine?

The feature should be match with your purpose. Investing in cheap or luxury machine will frustrates you if the machine failed to deliver your need. Frustration will close the door of creativity.

Understand the thickness of the materials that you will sew. Before determining the need of a sewing machine, consider your experience associated.

Value your creativity

Sewing will always show your creativity. You work will reflect your expertise. If you are beginner, then maybe you need to create handmade gifts or make your own clothing.

In hence it may require basic features of sewing rather complex machine. More setting option will bring more complication in use and it will also cost you extra time to understand.

Before Buying a Sewing Machine

The frequency of use

Before going for budget, consider the usage urgency and understand how frequently you will need that machine? The frequency could also be increased after you gain more expertise of using that machine.

So you have to think very honestly. If your intention is to sew occasionally, then it’s better to go with the medium features of the sewing machine. 

Need for additional features

It’s important to consider the additional features that usually come with sewing machine. Like, selecting a presser foot can bring you big difference in your work. You may require consideration in buttonhole foot, blind hem foot, zipper foot for making nice cloth.

If your need is to make quilts, you should look for walking foot or freehand embroidery foot. These additional features have great contribution in your clothing experience.

You also have to ensure bolts and whistles while considering a sewing machine. Will you manage those separately?

How many stitches do you need?

You may require zigzag stitch and a straight stitch or more than 100 stitches options. In such situation be very attentive in stitches style and capability of a sewing machine. Consider the number of stitches capability including various design, shapes and lengths.

For the beginner, number of stitches is less important. If you are a beginner I would suggest buying a mechanical sewing machine.

How many stitches do you need

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Considering noise

You may require using the machine in your leisure time. So you will not definitely compromise with the extra noise of the sewing machine. It will increase anxiety rather relaxing. So it’s better to test the functions before choosing.

So before looking for features of sewing machine, you should give weight to your aspiration and plan in accordance to your need.

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