Working With Sewing Machine Has Impact On Your Health-What Are Those???

The invention of sewing machine becomes blessing upon human in diverse way. It brought the industrial revolutions and changed the socialization. There are progressive benefits for technological invention. So the advantages are many. Yet though, using of sewing machine has few health issues for both man and women. Lest take a look into some impact of sewing machine on human health.

Although the invention improves the condition of human society, the long habit to usage of the machine has impact on health like heart palpitation, pain in the back and the eye sight.

The garments workers who are working for long time can have the risk of developing asthma, eye, nose and throat irradiative symptoms, lung, nasopharyngeal and even bladder cancer.

It could also cause hearing loss due to noise pollution. Along with that since lather, plastic, and woven materials used in sewing machine to stitch, it may lead to cause serious health issues. Metal dust, fumes, leather dust and hazardous solvent can cause illness.

health impact of sewing machine

Highly repetitive and high speed task can develop the illness risk as neck joint pain, upper and lower extremities pain. Operating the sewing machine will require monotonous hand, wrist, figure, shoulder, elbows and neck movements. It leads in developing such illness as ganglion cysts, tendinitis, shoulder disorder, neck effect or allergic infection.

Sometimes these operators required to sit for prolong even without back seat and even have to perform terrific lifting of their foot to paddle. This tedious job will increase the chance to develop serve pan in low back and lower extremities.

Since today’s advance sewing machine run by the electricity, the operators may expose to electrical current for touching the machine. So touching the electricity may cause serve damages to human health as burning skin and too much flow of current can even cause death.

If the sewing machine got wet, try not to use in that condition rather wait until it become dry. In wet situation electricity can flow from circuit to human body.

Besides the illness, the operators may experience in uneven incidents as sewing machine needles breaks, sewed a needle through finger, cut or damage the miscellaneous body part. The needles can cause serious damage to your body parts such as eye, face, hand.

Even it could even embed to their cheek. Sometimes sewing machine operators do not pay attention to their work and they distracted themselves by watching TV, pets, children along with sewing. This lead them causing accidents and they suffer.

health impact of sewing machine

Female machine operators also may cause health issues by sewing. Long sitting in threading can cause weight gain of women which sometimes develop pregnancy related illness. Electro-motors of the machine could wrap the cloths and long heir of women and can tear apart. It may lead to bleeding.

Working on the machine for long time without break can be dangerous to pregnant women. To avoid incident, they should always take break every after 30 or 60 minutes and also use cushioned seat to back support. Some doctors advice not to work on sewing machine during early stage of pregnancy.

The development of science has blessing on the human life and living. But it also brings certain illness to human if you failed to maintain the proper guidelines. At the same time effective plan and correct measurements can reduce such incidents associated with using of sewing machine.

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