7 Safety Tips Before Using A Sewing Machine

Safety measures are very important as careless usage of a sewing machine can cause genuine damage to health. Dangerous moving parts like sharp needles and electricity drives you to take safety concerns. Using of a sewing machine sometimes is more of a hobby than necessity. 

As these machines very are fast in feeding, proper precaution measurements should need to take while using them. Here are some of the unavoidable safety tips that need to be taken under consideration before stars.

Keep your finger away from needles

sewing machine safety

Since you have to use your hand frequently in sewing, you need to be vigilant about being vulnerable. If you need to look away from sewing machine, better to stop sewing. Pay as much attention as you could while operating the machine. Maintain a safety distance of your fingers from the feeder.

You can use chopsticks or an eraser, as you have to hold the fabric near to the feeder. Try to continue with a steady pace and while increasing or decreasing the pace of sewing, try to be more focus, because this fluctuation of the speed can imbalance your grab and you can get hit by sharp needles.

Pulling your hair out

In sewing machine some parts are rapidly moving in racing speed. At the time of use, if something comes very closer to the moving parts it will wrap it and cause serious impact.

Like if your heir got shucked while at top speed of paddling the feeder, it can tear apart your long heir and can cause bleeding. So this isn’t fun of getting closer with the moving parts. To avoid the unfortunate, pull your long heir out.

Unplugging from electricity after every use

sewing machine safety

It always a good habit to unplug from electricity if you use any sort of device which need to plug while using. If you need to do some other maintenance task as changing needles, bobbin binder, cleaning, lubricating, try to do it after unplugging.

While you are unplugging the cord, try to pull it gently after grabbing the plug out of socket. This habit can save your health damages.

Avoid distraction

While you are operating any machinery, if you feel dozy, you better stop working. The most accidents happened when we become absent minded. When you feel relaxed and clear headed, you better continue sewing. Try not to sewing after effects of alcohol or medicine for which you may feel overly tired.

Servicing of the machine every after few months

When you are using a machine, you suddenly will not understand the requirement of servicing it as long as you face any difficulty. So it’s well again to go for servicing at least twice in a year.

The experts will know better about what parts need to repair or change after few days of usage. So by this you can reduce the chance of misshapenness of machine’s damaged parts before the accident took place.

Alert of sewing through thick or tough materials

You need to understand about the materials before sewing. Too thick or tough materials will need an industrial sewing machine. If you try to sew thick resources with regular household machine, the needles can broke and may cause harm if it gets inside your organ like eyes.

Precaution when setting up sewing table

Precaution when setting up sewing table

The height of sewing table can put extra pressure on your sitting. To maintain a balanced physical comfort adjust the height of the table or chair where it’s necessary.

Make sure that your elbow bent at 90 degree angle. Putting extra rubber kind of materials under the table stands will give extra grip. 

Once disaster will happen, it will irrevocable. So take these security tips into consideration to enjoy happiness in sewing time.

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