Singer 14T968DC Reviewed By Professional Sewing Experts

Are you looking for a professional Serger sewing machine? If yes, Singer 14T968DC Serger is a one-stop solution for you. It is a smart looking 5 thread Serger from the house of Singer, one of the most trusted brands in Serger and sewing machine manufacturing category.

But what makes this Singer Serging machine a top bait? Let’s explore some clues for buying this Singer baby for your skilled use.

Singer 14T968DC

Technical Specifications -

Technical specifications are the first points a buyer like you usually check before buying a sewing machine.

In fact, you can get to acquire a clear idea about its weight, needed space to install, its output and about its configuration, etc. from these necessary details! Take a quick review of Singer 14T968DC here to know about this professional Singer overlocker machine.

  • Speed: 1,300 stitches/ minute.
  • Color: Milky-White.
  • Color Coded: available.
  • Light: LED.
  • Construction Material: Metallic Plastic.
  • Warranty: 25 Years’ Manufacturing Defects; 2 Years’ warranty on Electronic Components, and 90 Days’ warranty on Parts and Labor.
  • Dimensions: 13.5” x 10.5” x 11.5”.
  • Weight: 18.6 lbs.

USP of the Singer 14T968DC Serger

Ease, perfection, and comfort level are the prime USPs of this Singer serging machine. The singer overlock machine offers a 5-4-3-2 stitch configuration with the capacity of a wide variety of stitch styles. It comes with a range of accessories and adaptable components to make the sewing machine operation comfortable and customized.

It is one of those Singer overlock machines that produces smooth, perfectly even stitches on a wide array of fabric types with different textures. The workbook-cum-manual is a great help and creative resource for using this professional Singer Serger at its best.

Feature Details: What Makes The Singer 14T968DC a Good Buy?

  • Adjustable presser foot pressure: The Presser-Foot Pressure-knob is suitably positioned on the sideways of the machine, and it comes in a pre-set mode for general sewing needs.
  • 5-thread Serger: The Serger is built with 5-Thread Stitches for different finishes.
  • Differential Feed: This function regulates the proportion of movement between the fronts and back, which retains the fabric smoothly under the needles.
  • Coverstitch: This feature is a vital one for this Singer Serger. You may select between a narrow, wide, or triple cover-stitch.
  • Self-adjusting tension system: The automatic tension system on this Serger is one of its most cherished features: at the time of selecting the stitch, the machine will immediately adjust the tensions to the appropriate setting.
  • Built-in free arm: The work area can be extended by removing the removable accessory compartment. It is an added advantage for the users.

Accessories Available With Singer 14T968DC

Accessories are found in accessory box coming with the packing case of the machine, which includes screwdriver (large size), knife (stationary), thread unwinder spool cap, anti-spill net, oiler, Allen screwdriver (small), tweezers, needle set, brush, cone adapters(total 5 in number), waste tray, machine cover, etc.

The box also contains the needle information in details so that the users can find the use of the machine hassle free.


  • User-Friendly: The Singer Serger with cover stitch facility includes numerous automatic serging and sewing features and user-friendly functions.
  • Coverstich Serger Function: This 5-thread Serger includes the versatile and suitable ability to produce several cover stitches.
  • Almost Noiseless Operation: The heavy-duty metal frame on this Singer serging machine minimizes vibrations and that why can be operated silently.
  • Automatic tension control is an added advantage.
  • 5-4-3-2 Thread Capability, 4 built-in rolled hems, amendable stitch length, and width are added convenience for the professional sewers with this Serger machine.
  • Numerous Accessories are incorporated into the box, and more accessories can be attached here based on need.
  • The integrated carrying handle is an added advantage of this Serger machine.
  • The instruction book covers all troubleshooting info as well as use related tips.


  • Higher Price: It's versatile, but it is quite costly in its functional category.
  • Apparently Threading Difficulty: The Singer Serger needs manual threading, which may seem complicated and cumbersome at times.
  • Quality compromised Plastic Components: Certain parts of the Singer Serger are plastic-built, which are durability compromised.


Singer 14T968DC Serger has earned quite a wide-ranging popularity, and it is liked by professionals as well as by amateur sewing experts. Besides its user-friendly operating process, the user manual provides a question answer like how to sew stretchy fabric without puckering, etc. which add to its chart of convenience.

It 25 years manufacturing warranty is also an unsaid promise about its durability and long service life from a blue-chip brand like Singer.

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