SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine

“SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock sewing machine is a versatile and affordable Serger”, it is said by the users… According to the market preview, if you want to buy a Serger that is easy on the pocket as well as user-friendly, then this handy Overlock Sewing Machine is a good buying option for you.

Seasoned users even have expressed their satisfaction after using it. Now obviously the good look and smart space-saving size is not all for its acceptability. So the question comes up, what is unique about this portable Serger. Let’s start with its technical specifications.

If you are looking for a versatile but budget-friendly Serger sewing machine, SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine is one of the best baits you may count on. It is a reasonably priced portable Serger sewing machine that works consistently well. It is low on maintenance as well. The prime features of this Serger according to Serger review are utility ones and quite user-friendly.

Technical Specifications -

  • Speed: 1,300 stitches/minute.
  • Threads: 3-4.
  • Color-Coded: Yes.
  • Light: yes, fitted with Bulb.
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 11.6 inches x 11 inches x 11.6 inches.

Differential Feed: The USP of The SIRUBA Serger

Besides its user-friendly mechanism, space-friendly portability, the differential feed mechanism is the most alluring part of this sewing machine within its price range. The differential feed mechanism is regulated by a handy knob at the side of the Serger.

The feed allows you to adjust the feed from 0.7mm to lowest 0.2mm by operating a small knob. But that’s not all. There are some features which will let you feel that buying SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine is indeed a wise decision.

The Features of The SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine: Privileges of Working With This Professional Serger

  • It is built with free arm sewing, convertible pressure foot for handy and smooth operation.
  • The machine is fitted with a bright working light for offering the opportunity to work in an illuminated area.
  • Color-coded threading chart: The color-coded threading chart provides its usersa fuss-free handling of the Serger.
  • Convertible threads: The machine is built with 2 needles along with convertible 3 or 4-threads.
  • Easy seaming: you can be worry free about wavy seams on knitted fabrics and will get to enjoy the leverage of pucker-free seams even with lightweight fabrics.
  • It is easy to use with its adjustable pressure foot and micro safety switch: it prevents sewing when the front cover of the machine remains open.
  • The support bed of the machine can be removed and adapts to a free arm. This is useful for sewing pant legs, sleeves, cuffs, etc.
  • There is a large adjustable tension dial: this feature of the machine allows its users to regulate the tightness of threads for production of perfect seams.
  • The large Adjustable Presser Foot is fitted with the Serger Machine: This is one of the conveniences of using this sewing machine. It helps in maintaining better sewing quality on both heavy and light fabrics.
  • The adjustable presser foot adds extra comfort by allowing easy controlling power of its pressure by loosening or tightening of the presser foot.
  • Machine adjusting chart: You will receive a machine adjusting chart for your machines optimal performance.

The Accessories Available With SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine

The box of SIRUBA HSO-747D serger sewing machine comes with a range of accessories. These accessories include Tweezer, screwdriver, machine cover, hexagon wrench key, instruction manual, needle set of 4 needles, a power cord, 4-numbers of spool holders, and the suction cups at the bottom.

The box will also contain larger Color Coded Threading Chart & Safety Switch: the threading chart will guide users to thread effortlessly with color pointers.


  • Inexpensive: The SIRUBA 747D is priced reasonably for a basic Serger sewing machine.
  • Lightweight: This model is one of the smallest, most portable machines on the market.
  • Solid Motor: its motor is sturdy enough for clean even stitches in a wide variety of fabrics.


  • Limited Warranty: Purchase of this SIRUBA Serger includes an only 1-year warranty.
  • User Manual: The manual offers limited instructional information, which may not be sufficient for beginners.
  • Plastic Construction: The plastic quality used in this Overlock machine is not at par.


SIRUBA HSO-747D Overlock Sewing Machine is a safe buy for the beginners as well as for seasoned sewers. Its clean output is a matter of great satisfaction indeed.

Manual threading is a tricky issue at least for the entry-level users, but with this serger sewing machine review, the manual and the convertible threading feature will ease that hassle to a large extent.

The fast speed of stitching is a great feature and one of the attractions for buying this good looking SIRUBA Serger.

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