Shortcuts To Take Care Of Your Sewing Machine – 4 Easy Way

Prevention is better than a cure! Proper maintenance your sewing machine will reduce your headache and will enhance the smoothness of your machine. It will increase the longevity of your machine.

Whether you are using expensive or cheaper machine, you want your current machine to last for as long as possible. It will also increase your expertise to understand your machine. Treating your machine with care will keep you out from many troubles. 

Want to learn those prevention??

take care of your sewing machine

Study Your Machine Manual

You will find the guide very useful that comes with the machine. But it’s very unfortunate that most of us don’t even like to open the manual to read.

We usually think this is time consuming, whereas if you study the guide, you will find exact maintenance procedure of your sewing machine. In hence rather just reading, try to understand the meaning of each page. If you find any important point, take a note without wasting time.

The manual will make you expertise about the working process and will help to take care. You will also find some procedure if you need to troubleshoot any problem.

Clean the lint

You should clean the lint of your machine at least once in a week. It’s very easy but effective way to keep your sewing machine smooth. To remove lint from exterior part of your machine, you can use brush or a lint free cloth. Use brush to harder areas.

Depending on the usage, adjust the cleaning need. I personally use small vacuum to clean lint. Use dust cover which will protect your machine from dust when you will not use it.

Expert recommended using old fabric or a sheet to cover it up. Check the needle after each project and replace it if it’s bent or broke. If you do not replace, it will destroy your work.

Clean the lint

Lubricating your sewing machine

To keep all the parts in good working condition, use the proper oil in your machine. Don’t forget to do it regularly. Rather grabbing some normal oil, use those lubricants which are made only for sewing machine.

Your user guide is also a good adviser in deciding proper oil for your machine. Run some stitches after oiling and check the status. Checking with scrap fabric will also help you to remove excess oil from your machine.

Servicing by professional

There are some technical issues which will require professional servicing. If you try those fixes by your own, it can harm to your machine. So take professional help for such issues.

A user manual is a good direction. It will educate you about when you will require expert’s advice. It is recommended that you should visit a professional at least once in a year for servicing. It will not take more than few days. Experts will also suggest if any repair required fixing.

take care of your sewing machine

Cleaning and maintaining your favorite sewing machine needs to be done quite regularly. So clean it after some interval to retain its good working condition and enjoy using your machine frequently.

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