Lubricating Procedure And Using Wrong Lubricants Can Damage Your Sewing Machine

Modern lubricants are very sophisticated to use and thus mismatch of oil can damage the sewing machine. It will difficult for use and may risk damaging the products. The best guide to use ideal lubricants is the user manual that manufacturer provide with the sewing machine.

If the manual does not show the way then may be manufacturers message is to consult with the technicians who are professionals in sewing machine servicing. Bellow, you will find some important of using ideal oil for the machines.

With the nature of usage sewing machine can be domestic or industrial. For light and medium fabric, household sewing machines are designed. Depending on the sewing techniques and oil characteristics, you can choose oil from many manufacturers.

Using Ideal Lubricants

If the lubricants are clean and pure then it will not sticks with the fabric elements. Before choosing oil, you need to sure about the degree of purification. When the value of lubricant’s thickness is 18-20 cSt, then it is industry standard and you can sure about the degree of oil film strength on the treated grease.

Using ideal lubricants

The ideal oil should possess excellent chemical and thermal stability. The dust and debris of the outer part of the sewing machine should be flushable by using the oil.

Since one jar of lubricant is sufficient for few years, you should not use alternatives to sewing machine oil as automotive oil. It could destroy your lovable machine. The thicknesses along with other ingredients are different in automotive oil than in sewing machine oil.

The usage of proper oil will not only give the machine more flexibility in use but also it will increase the longevity. The ideal oil includes antioxidants to keep the oil from oxidizing.

How To Lubricate Sewing Machine

The modern manufacturers give descriptive user manual along with the sewing machine. Now a day’s few of the machines are assembled with slippery materials that don’t require lubrication but the rest require regular lubrication to get proper services.

How to lubricate sewing machine

As the cost of the machine is high, you need to be sure about overloading of that machine. For using long days, you need to be attentive regarding dust and debris in the internal and external body parts of the sewing machine. In using, the machine accumulates dusts, old oils become sticky to use. And if that sticky oil got on the fabric then it may become unpleasant situation.

Put oil in the shuttle hook that usually spins inside the bobbin and also put oil on the outer ring of the bobbin hook and if require wipe out the excess oil.

Before using oil, you need to clear all the dust and blackened oil. If the sewing machine are not using for long times, you need to put it in a container of diesel fuel, and then grease all bearings and parts for a while.

After cleaning, wash dirty oil and lubricate the machinery again. Thus you can lubricate in all remote places. Remember using of excess oil will attract more dust.

Try to adopt these procedures to lubricating the sewing machine.

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