What Can Be Dangerous About A Sewing Machine?

Using of a sewing machine, many household do not consider this is a dangerous item, but in fact it could a hazardous item in creating uneven incidents. Since now a day we use electricity to run a sewing machine in a great speed, it could bring several types of accidents to our health.

So someone may definitely ask about the threat of using a sewing machine. Lets point out some grave situation.

Unintentional Stitches

Unintentional Stitches

As the needles of the machines runs very fast if you slightly move your concentration from your work, the uneven situation may took place. Since you need to hold the fabric to sew perfectly, this mistakes could brought sew your finger with thread. This slip can even break your finger.

Flying Debris can distract you

Needle break is a common problem of sewing. The use of electricity speeds the moving of sewing machine so fast that the broken needles can fly and can attack your eye. At the same time the debris of the fabric also distracted you from your concentration and can cause serious injuries to your health.

Wools and wool blends could go into your nose and also can become the source of several nasal infections.

Cutting tools can be harmful

Usually you put the cutting tools like scissor, rotary cutters, marking pens, pins and needles near to your sewing machine. As you frequently need these items, you should be sure about getting brushed your item onto the floor.

While moving fabric and walking, you need to be sure about not to step up on those sharp items. You need to dispose those sharp items in such place you will not certainly visit. Or else these are always ready to cut you. 

The electrical cord can burn you

electrical cord can burn you

Sometimes due to excess supply of electric volt, the cord can starts behave unnaturally. Even it could cause an electrical short or even fire. The machine itself could fall into the floor and it may become harmful.

If the cord is not wrapped by plastic tapes, it may result in creating electrical shock to you and your pets.

Expects your Kids & Pets to do the unexpected

Since while sewing you need to use plenty of sharp tools, it may harm them if the play around the sewing area. Because it’s really difficult in keeping eye on them all time. A lost pin can tear in to their skin and can cause bleeding. Extreme hot tools like iron also become destructive in causing harm.

Sew through thick or tough materials

Sew through thick or tough materials

If you try to stitch through too thick or tough fabric, you can lead to damage your health or machine. If it’s a job for industrial machine, try not to use household machine. The imbalanced sewing can inflict injury on you.

Sewing table’s height and in sufficient lighting

Sewing table’s height and in sufficient lighting

Too much or low height of your machine will put extra pressure on your back. If you failed bent your elbows at a 90 degree angle, it will also create physical discomfort. Perfect lighting will reduce the stress on eye. Insufficient light can distract your concentration and can lead migraine related pain.

A safe system can make your sewing journey more enjoyable. While dangerous events can ruin your happiness.

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